Dolly Parton Stuns Fans – Reveals She Has ‘Secret Song’ Locked Away At Dollywood Until 2045

The country music legend Dolly Parton stunned her fans by revealing that she has a secret song locked away at Dollywood.

Country music legend Dolly Parton recently shocked her fans by revealing that she locked away a “secret song” in a time capsule at Dollywood that will not be released until 2045.

Dolly Parton Teases New Song Locked Away At Dollywood Until 2045

Parton dropped this bomb in her new memoir “Songteller: My Life in Lyrics”.

The 9 to 5 star says that nobody else has heard her secret song. A song which won’t be heard by anyone for another twenty four years.

The “Jolene” singer explained that the song is currently locked up in a chestnut wood box (built by her uncle) in a glass display case located in Dollywood. 

“It would be a song that will never be heard until 30 years from the time we opened the resort. They said, ‘You’ll be long dead,'” Parton wrote, according to Taste of Country. “I said, ‘Well, maybe not. I’ll be 99. I’ve seen people live to be older than that.'”

“That’s like burying one of my kids, putting it on ice or something, and I won’t be around to see it brought back to life,” she added. “It’s just burning me up inside that I have to leave it in there.”

Dolly Parton Included CD Player In Her Secret Song Time Capsule

The song is reportedly on a CD, and Parton made sure to leave a CD player in the case, just in case people in 2045 don’t know how to play it!

“Hopefully, it will play and the whole thing ain’t rotted,” she said with a laugh. “Anyway, it’s kind of weird or strange that they would ask me to write this mystery song. I don’t know if I want to live to be 100 or not. But you never know. I might, and if I do, I’m going to be at that opening.”

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Staying Busy In 2020

74-year-old Parton had no trouble staying as busy as ever in 2020.

The country legend dropped her “A Holly Dolly Christmas” album. She also made headlines for making a one million dollar donation to COVID-19 research.

In November, the â€śDolly Parton COVID-19 Research Fund” was listed in the footnotes of a New England Journal of Medicine article about Moderna’s vaccine. 

“I’m just happy that anything I do can help somebody else, and when I donated the money to the Covid fund, I just wanted it to do good,” Parton told TODAY after this came to light. “Evidently, it is. Let’s just hope we find a cure real soon.”

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Dolly Parton has spent decades bringing joy to millions of fans through her music and her one of a kind personality. We can’t wait to hear the latest song she has cooked up in 2045! 

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