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WWE Brodie Lee Tributes Filmed, Fan’s Stone Cold Entrance Goes Viral

While WWE shared some subdued tributes to the late Luke Harper on RAW, we’ve learned that WWE Brodie Lee tributes have been filmed. Also, a fan’s Stone Cold entrance goes viral.

WWE Brodie Lee Tributes Filmed

Brodie Lee tragically passed away [1] over the weekend. On the most recent episode of RAW, WWE did pay a subdued tribute to the late former Luke Harper.

brodie lee tributes filmed
Image Credit: provided via aew.com

In addition, a number of on air talent paid homage to Jon Huber throughout the show [2].

Some former Superstars sounded off following RAW [3], complaining that the tribute did not do enough. Now, PWInsider [4] has revealed that there might be a more substantial tribute coming.

Per the report, tributes to Brodie Lee-Huber’s AEW and indy ring name-were recorded prior to RAW going on air Monday evening.

That the company spent time and energy on recording yet-to-be-aired tributes is an interesting development.

There is no word on exactly what WWE might have planned, or when they might air them. Or for that matter, if they will.

As we’ve learned how much Jon Huber meant to so many of his peers [5], it’s also entirely possible that WWE is producing a private tribute to share with Huber’s family.

In the grand scheme, I would expect that the videos may be a part of a much more involved tribute that fans could eventually take in.

I also suspect that there’s at least an outside chance that WWE opted for the lower key Monday tribute, in order to allow for Huber’s most recent employer (AEW) honor him properly first. [3]

Regardless, it seems fans of Jon Huber, Brodie Lee and Luke Harper might have a bigger WWE tribute coming soon.

Fan’s Stone Cold Entrance Goes Viral

Sometimes the world needs a break from the bad news, and that is what we got when a fan’s Stone Cold entrance goes viral.

Specifically, a young WWE fan decided to have his recent birthday party themed to Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Stone Cold destroys racist on social media
Image Credit: Provided via WWE.com

It’s an unusual move, considering the birthday boy turned 4. Austin had been long since retired before the birthday boy was born.

But, the man of the hour truly nailed the theme. He was recorded doing an impression of Stone Cold’s entrance, and it was spot on.

Better still, a relative posted the clip on social media, and the entrance video went viral.

So viral, in fact, that the Texas Rattlesnake himself commented on it.

WWE’s official Twitter account also wished the birthday boy (Mason) to have a happy birthday as well.

At a time, and in a year, when often good news is hard to come by, Masons’ birthday video comes at a perfect time.

Plus, as far as birthday gifts go, having a WWE Hall of Famer comment on a tweet of your version of his entrance video? It doesn’t get much cooler than that!