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WWE Bans Chris Jericho Term, SmackDown “In A State Of Disarray”

WWE decided to ban a popular Chris Jericho term from its broadcast. In other news, reports state that SmackDown Live is currently in a state of total disarray. 

Chris Jericho Codebreaker Banned For WWE Announce Team

Chris Jericho codebreaker banned

The WWE announce team always had to be careful of what they said on live television. Now, another term has seemingly been added to that list.

If rumors are accurate, WWE banned the Chris Jericho [1] codebreaker for its announce team.

Interestingly, this popular Chris Jericho term is used a lot in the WWE. After all, the move is regularly used by Asuka and Ricochet.

To prove the point, Dave Meltzer recently referred to the fact announcers called the move “double knees”. 

Needless to say, it seems like WWE [2] are taking the competition seriously.


Chris Jericho Criticizes AEW
Image Credit: Provided via Twitter

Jericho left the WWE some time ago. He even celebrated his 25 years of wrestling on AEW television.

The Champion has given us some priceless moments as well. One of the more recent was the Vegas party of The Inner Circle.

Jericho looks like he has the time of his life. So, it is unlikely he will return to WWE anytime soon.

SmackDown Live In Total Disarray

The problems of the WWE do not seem to stop. A recent report by Meltzer [3] indicates that SmackDown Live has been in a state of total disarray.

If Meltzer is to be believed, the problems of WWE lay with the company’s inability to make a decision. In fact, he claims SmackDown was still being written hours before the show went on air.

Meltzer continues to claim that Vince McMahon [4] did not arrive at the Amway Center until noon. As a result, wrestlers had no idea what was going on until then.

If Dave Meltzer’s claims are correct, it is more proof that WWE stands or falls with Vince McMahon. And at the moment, it is pretty much falling. 

In fact, Dave continues to state that this is a weekly issue!

“Well it’s true but every Friday is like this. This is no different from any other Friday. Yes, of course, it’s a state of disarray but it’s always a state of disarray. It’s just that’s what Friday is. He shows up when he shows up and they change everything.”

WWE’s Continued Troubles
Vince McMahon's WrestleMania 37

It is no secret that many of the once loyal fans have tuned out nowadays. And while you can point the finger of blame towards the pandemic, many are blaming Vince McMahon [5] instead.

There have been many guys who used to work for WWE who spoke out against the chairman. One of them being Dean Ambrose a.k.a. Jon Moxley.

It is alleged that Vince McMahon is not a guy that can easily be approached. This culture of fear could very well be hurting the product. 

WWE stands in stark contrast with AEW [2] at the moment, but maybe that is a good thing.

If Vince McMahon wants to prove his vision is the right one, surely it will show in the viewership numbers? Unfortunately, I don’t think this will play out well for WWE.