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Attention On Top SmackDown Feud, News On Death Of Pat Patterson

There is a lot of attention on a top SmackDown feud, and a lot of praise too. Also some sad news on the death of Pat Patterson

There are many important eyes on Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens, indicating the importance of the blue brand’s top feud. Also, there’s some sad news on the death of Pat Patterson, who passed away earlier this week.

Attention On Top SmackDown Feud

Kevin Owens is set to take on Universal Champion Roman Reigns at TLC, and the feud is getting some major attention. It’s actually exciting to know the attention on this top SmackDown feud.

In terms of attention, it is evident in those involved in the creative process. Or, perhaps, who is not involved.

on top smackdown feud
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According to Fightful Select, this is not being handled by the typical WWE writers and creative team.

So who is involved?

According to the report, there are but a few involved. Vince McMahon, Paul Heyman and Michael Hayes are primarily running the creative process.

Alongside them for the ride, of course, is Roman Reigns. Reigns has been very hands on with all of his segments since he returned at SummerSlam.

The two Superstars are also getting praised backstage for how things have gone. Reigns has been exceptional since his August return, and Kevin Owens has been every bit as good in recent weeks.

It says a lot about their talent. Both Superstars had been out of action, or barely used, for months…and are currently working as if they’ve never stepped away.

That probably doesn’t surprise fans of Owens in particular. KO has long been one of the better promo cutters in WWE.

If their TLC match rivals their promo work thus far, we should be in for a great match to close out the 2020 PPV slate.

News On Death Of Pat Patterson

WWE lost another legend this week, and now we have more news on the death of Pat Patterson.

Unfortunately, it seems the Hall of Famer suffered quite a bit during his final months.

According to a report from the Wrestling Observer, Patterson previously had dealt with cancer. Shortly before his passing, a new tumor in his lungs was discovered, but he died before anything else could be determined.

That information comes by way of Sylvan Grenier, who had power of attorney over the ailing Patterson. Due to COVID, Patterson has been “stuck” in Florida and the two had not seen each other as often as usual.

Grenier visited Patterson in November and noticed he had lost a great deal of weight. Concern for his overall health led to a discovery of the tumor, and likely contributed to the legend’s death.

Having just experienced a similar loss myself, this certainly sounds like the tragic brutality of cancer at work. Someone close to me showed no outward sign of the disease, but lost an excessive amount of weight.

A biopsy found cancer, and less than two weeks later he was gone.

While the biopsy may not have sped things up, it’s still a sad end for a man who had such a tremendous influence on professional wrestling. Pat Patterson may be gone, but he will not soon be forgotten.

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