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Why Survivor Series Match Was Changed, Big RAW Feud Coming

There was a change needed to a Survivor Series match due to an injury sustained by Mandy Rose. In other news, two major superstars are set to feud on Monday Night RAW.

Why Survivor Series Match Was Changed

Backstage Survivor Series rumors on why Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke were replaced

As you may know already, Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose [1] were replaced in the RAW women’s team. However, up until now, we had no idea why.

Some backstage rumors might give some insight into the reason behind the replacement. At the moment, the WWE wants people to believe both wrestlers got injured.

The truth behind the matter however, is that Mandy Rose was the one who was injured. The injury occurred when Jax threw Rose through the ropes [2]

Unfortunately, the move went wrong and Rose got tangled in the ropes. She landed awkwardly on her shoulder and this caused both members a spot on team RAW.

So, if rumors are to be believed, Dana Brooke [3] is not injured at all. However, both Dana and Mandy were taken out of the match nonetheless. 

Nia Jax Not To Blame For The Incident

Nia Jax has a reputation of being an unsafe worker

Fans were quick to blame Nia Jax [4] for the incident with Mandy Rose. However, many professionals came to the defence of the wrestler.

While Nia Jax injured wrestlers in the past, this particular incident was not her fault. Instead, it was a freak accident nobody could have really prevented.

It is currently unclear how long Mandy Rose will be out for. If the injury is significant, it may require surgery, which could leave the blonde beauty out for a considerable time.

Naturally, the absence of Mandy Rose has an impact on Dana Brooke as well. Dana finally got an opportunity, only to be left out again when her tag team partner got injured.

Big RAW Feud Coming

Two major superstars could feud on Raw

There is much speculation about the next opponent for Drew McIntyre at the moment. Of course, this after he faces Roman Reigns [5] at Survivor Series.

And some big names are being thrown out there, with one of the biggest being Sheamus. Hints of a feud started earlier this week after Sheamus brought McIntyre a gift.

While the gift seemed to be given in friendship, could things turn around? Is it possible WWE is building a slow feud between both men that could come to fruition during a major pay-per-view?

Best Buddies

Sheamus and Drew McIntyre

It is clear that WWE is portraying Sheamus and Drew McIntyre as best buds. And this is not far from the truth, as both men have been friends for years.

Sheamus and Drew came to the United States together and even wrestled in Florida Championship Wrestling together. The pair also had one of the best feuds in Europe before signing with WWE. 

And while Drew had a bit of a hiccup when he was released from WWE, he eventually regained his confidence and the championship. 

If Sheamus and Drew McIntyre were to feud, it would be interesting because of their long friendship. So, will we soon see the cracks between these two major superstars?