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Americans everywhere have spent the past few months being lectured to relentlessly about politics by radically liberal Hollywood celebrities. That’s why it was so refreshing this week when Hollywood star Kurt Russell spoke out to tell these Hollywood elite to shut their mouths when it comes to politics … even if his significant other, Goldie Hawn, doesn’t agree.

Kurt Russell Explains Why Hollywood And Politics Don’t Mix 


Russell, 69, said that voicing political opinions is actually detrimental to actors. In fact, he believe stars are like “court jesters.” 

“I’ve always been someone who felt we are court jesters. That’s what we do,” Russell told the New York Times. “As far as I’m concerned, you should step away from saying anything so that you can still be seen by the audience in any character.”

“There’s no reason entertainers can’t learn just as much as anybody else about a subject, whatever it is,” he added. “But I think that what’s sad about it is that they lose their status as a court jester. And I’m a court jester. That’s what I was born to do.”

Russell knows what he’s talking about when it comes to Hollywood.

He’s been in the movie business for nearly 60 years, and appeared in such beloved movies like Overboard and The Hateful Eight

Goldie Hawn Doesn’t Share Husband Kurt Russell’s View On Hollywood Politics

When his long-time partner of 37 years, Academy Award winner Goldie Hawn chimed in to say that Russell isn’t “always funny,” he responded by doubling down. 

“A court jester isn’t always funny,” explained Russell. “A court jester is the only one who can walk into the castle and put the king down as long as he doesn’t hit too close to home. I think that’s been a big, important part of all cultures throughout history, and I’d like to see it stay in ours.”

“But we did have a president who was an actor, Ronald Reagan,” Hawn pointed out, to which Russell responded by saying that “actors can learn as much as anybody else can.”

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Hawn somewhat disagreed with her partner, saying that the decision for an actor on whether or not to talk about politics is “a personal choice.”

“Well, I’m just saying Reagan definitely was a well-known actor,” Hawn said. “I think it’s a personal choice whether you want to get into that.

“The one thing I don’t agree with is that just because we have a platform we always have to use it,” she added. “That is our choice.”

Conservative Actors Get Blacklisted For Their Views

The main issues with Hollywood stars is that the only actors who are given a voice seem to be radical liberals.

Far leftwing stars like Alyssa Milano, who is pictured above, are celebrated and rewarded by Hollywood when they preach about politics.

In contrast, when actors like Kirstie Alley, James Woods, or Scott Baio dare to express a conservative opinion, they end up being blacklisted by the entire film industry.

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We agree with Kurt Russell that Hollywood actors aren’t the different from “court jesters,” so maybe their opinions on politics don’t deserve a national stage.

After all, should we take the opinion of someone who gets paid millions of dollars just to play pretend for a living seriously?

Hollywood doesn’t have any business telling regular Americans how to vote. Period.

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