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Sting Naming Rights Question, Kylie Rae Walks Away From Wrestling

After WWE pulled his merchandise last week, there's a Sting naming rights question. Also, what is Kylie Rae's wrestling status?

Last week, WWE pulled Sting merchandise from it’s online stores, and now folks are asking some Sting naming rights questions. Also, what is Kylie Rae’s wrestling status after Bound For Glory?

Sting Naming Rights Question

Sting hasn’t made a lot of news lately, being retired and all…but he popped into the news last week when WWE pulled his merchandise. Now, there comes a Sting naming rights question.

Specifically, a fan asked that to the Wrestling Observer recently.

As in, who owns the name Sting. Who can do what they want with the rights to the name Sting?

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Per the Observer, The Man Called Sting is in control of that name. Sting apparently purchased the rights to the name long ago (presumably during his WCW run).

That means that WWE can only use that name and likeness if Sting returns to WWE, or if the two sides enter into some new agreement.

Otherwise, should Sting desire to do so, he could show up in any other wrestling ring, anywhere in the world, as Sting.

But…could he really?

Now, health-wise, Sting did retire due to a serious neck injury. That injury was discovered after he took a buckle bomb from Seth Rollins.

One would think then, that Sting would be permanently retired. However, if the seemingly-permanently retired Edge can come back and wrestle, then who knows anymore, right?

As for the merchandise being pulled, there’s likely nothing else behind that move, than just a contractual formality.

Usually, WWE has language in contracts that permit merch sales for a certain time after a Superstar contract lapses. Once it lapses, unsold merchandise can get pulled.

As Sting is currently no longer under WWE contract, his merchandise being pulled from WWE storefronts was likely a formality.

Of course…there are still those who believe it’s far more than a coincidence…

Kylie Rae Walks Away From Wrestling

Kylie Rae was recently released by AEW, and was supposed to appear at Bound For Glory this weekend for IMPACT. However, she did not show, leaving people to wonder what Kylie Rae’s wrestling status is.

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According to a report via Fightful, from Kylie Rae’s official statement, she is now no longer a professional wrestler.

It’s worth noting that this would be the second time in as many years that the talented but puzzling wrestler stepped away from the squared circle.

At the age of 28, there’s still plenty of time for Kylie Rae to change her mind yet again. Still, depending on what truly drove her decision, she may be content being-and staying-retired.

However, thanks to legends like Ric Flair and Terry Funk, wrestling fans learned long ago that when a wrestler retires, are they ever really truly retired?

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