Hornswoggle makes appearance during AEW Las Vegas epidode

Former WWE wrestler Hornswoggle made an appearance during AEW Dynamite in Las Vegas. The appearance comes as The Inner Circle heads to Las Vegas to celebrate their new circle members.

Hornswoggle Found In Las Vegas Hotel Room

Hornswoggle on AEW Dynamite Las Vegas Episode with the Inner Circle

The Inner Circle partied hard in celebration of its new members. This led to their hotel room being littered with live chickens and loads of empty bottles.

However, the surprises did not stop there. Another surprise turned up in the hotel room!

As the Las Vegas episode with the Inner Circle goes ahead, Chris Jericho ends up following the sound of a crying baby.

Imagine his surprise when he opened the door and found Hornswoggle in a diaper!

Of course, the G.O.A.T. reacted in true Jericho style:

 “Guys! We got a problem!”

There was plenty of madness in the Las Vegas segment, and we loved it!

Konnan Also Popped Up!

Konnan also showed up

While Hornswoggle was a big cameo already, he was not the only one to turn up to the celebration. In fact, ex-WCW star Konnan made an appearance as well.

Konnan invited The Inner Circle into his swanky limousine. Interestingly, AEW placed the former WCW star with Santana and Ortiz.

If you know your Impact Wrestling history, you already know the link between these men. Back when Santana and Ortiz were at Impact, Konnan managed them.

It is cool to see how AEW keeps including other promotions in their segments and their promos. It makes a huge difference in terms of getting familiar with talent you’ve never seen before.

Guevara And MJF

Sammy Guevara

Despite the trip to Vegas, the relationship between Sammy Guevara and MJF is not getting any better. While the star was preoccupied with Matt Hardy over the past few weeks, a potential feud with MJF could be in the cards.

Or could the storyline be more drastic? Could the problems between MJF and Sammy cause Guevara to leave the Inner Circle?

Sammy Guevara did not like MJF from the start. Needless to say, he was quite opposed to the idea of the wrestler joining the faction.

Since MJF beat Chris Jericho in a match, the wrestler was allowed to join the Inner Circle. Over the course of the weeks, MJF has been passive aggressive with Sammy.

Guevara missed the AEW induction of MJF into the Inner Circle. Sammy claimed that MJF had called him to meet everyone at the beach.

Evidently, MJF is messing with Sammy and trying to exclude him from the group. It is quite similar to the jacket incident from several weeks ago. 

After his defeat against Matt Hardy, Sammy can certainly use another big feud. Revenge on MJF could be just the thing for him. 

Both Sammy and MJF are young wrestlers trying to make a name for themselves. And what better way to do that than to have a feud with each other.

I am sure that AEW will build this for a while yet. But just like Hangman Page and Omega, it is a story worth telling.