Former Prima Ballerina With Alzheimer’s Begins To Dance When Swan Lake Plays

Marta González, a prima ballerina with the New York Ballet, who battled Alzheimer's disease late in life, dances to Swan Lake in viral video.

A viral video of a former prima ballerina with the New York Ballet who began facing Alzheimer’s Disease in her older years is showing us the power of music and dance.

Alzheimer’s robs people of their memories and far too often their dignity. In recent years, music has been used as a tool to give those battling the brutal disease some relief and allow them to take a brief trip down memory lane. The remarkable video shows us how it can work.

Prima Ballerina Marta C. González

In the 1960s, Marta C. González was a star of the stage. This first dancer of the New York Ballet was celebrated for her graceful skills. Sadly, Alzheimer’s stripped her of much, but when a caregiver plays Tschaikovsky’s Swan Lake, González immediately returns to her graceful days as a prima ballerina.

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González sits in her wheelchair as the music plays on headphones. Unable to stand or jump, she did not allow that to interfere with her dancing routine.

She performed Swan Lake countless times and the moves are ingrained in her mind.

Despite having Alzheimers, the music was able to tap into that memory that was trapped in her mind. She moves her head and hands in the same way she did in her younger years when she moved gracefully across the stage as she entertained countless numbers of people.

González was visibly moved as the music begins to play.

The music grants her relief from the burdens brought about by Alzheimer’s as she relives the choreography she learned decades ago.

She had danced this routine so many times, it was instinctual to do it again when she heard Swan Lake.

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A Spanish organization that uses music to help Alzheimer and dementia patients released the video of González dancing prior to her 2019 death. 

The charity said:

“‘The power of music is immeasurable. May she rest in peace.”

You can watch this remarkable video below. 

Alzheimer’s Disease And Music

This video has been shared on multiple platforms and viewed millions of times. Actor Antonio Banderas even shared it. 

 “53 years ago she was a NYC Ballet dancer. Tchaicovsky’s music managed to mock his Alzheimer’s. It’s been a year since all of this,” the Zorro actor writes. “Now on the occasion of your passing, serve the dissemination of these images as a well deserved recognition of your art and your passion.”

What a blessing for Marta González to have experienced this and for us to witness such beauty and grace once again.

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