Election Night Celebrity Reactions – Kathy Griffin Might Get Another Secret Service Visit

Kathy Griffin and a liberal who's who of Hollywood celebrities had embarrassing public Twitter meltdowns Twitter on Election night.

Celebrities aren’t handling the 2020 election very well. The possible thought of four more years of having Donald Trump as their president has sent some into meltdown mode. Kathy Griffin even tweeted the infamous picture of her pretending to behead President Trump that destroyed her career. 

Celebrities React To 2020 Election Results

Overpaid entertainers live so deep into their liberal bubble that they really believed that Joe Biden would score a decisive win over Trump.

They knew it was going to be a repudiation. They were wrong and they can’t handle it.

Not only did Biden not have a landslide victory, the results of the election are still up in the air. 

Celebrities took to Twitter claiming the President Trump is staging a “coup” and trying to still the election from their fellow Democrats

Mark Hamill, better known as Luke Skywalker, accused Trump of acting like a dictator.

Kathy Griffin Repeats Her Trump Beheading Mistake

Griffin perhaps made the worst decision of her Hollywood pals. She tweeted the notorious picture for which she previously gave a sobbing apology.

The D-list comedienne’s career came to a screeching halt after her beheading stunt at the beginning of the Trump presidency.

She lost gigs, including her New Year’s Eve special. She even lost her ad sponsorships, like the coveted Squatty Potty deal.

Griffin has attempted to rebuild herself but failed.

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Now, she has gone all in by tweeting the very picture that caused her such personal and professional grief.

Her hatred of Trump is greater than her desire to restore her comedic brand.

Kathy Griffin has actually gotten a visit from the Secret Service before for her threats against Trump. Perhaps she is looking to be interrogated again for threatening the President.

Cusack Insults Conservative Fans

John Cusack took a different angle. He tweeted a stinging message not just for the President, but for anyone who voted for him.

The “Say Anything” actor must not be too concerned with alienating conservative fans.

Cusack, who turned a blind eye to Harvey Weinstein’s predatorily ways, doesn’t understand how anyone can vote for “the mentally ill virus spreading Child abducting Nazi rapist.”

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Comedian Jim Gaffigan, who has been apolitical until recently, got in on the Twitter action too.

“Book of Mormon” actor Josh Gad accused President Trump of staging a coup for being confident that he will win the election. 

Just like 2016, Kathy Griffin and the rest of these Hollywood celebrities continue being out of step with the average American with their election night shenanigans.

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