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Boy’s Shocking Discovery While Prepping A Turkey Leads To Hysterics In This Viral Video

A young boy got quite a surprise when he was prepping a turkey his family was going to cook. Nathan insisted he could handle the gore of putting his hand inside the bird and pulling out its insides. But, after pulling organs out of the turkey, the boy made a shocking discovery that caused him to start gagging in this hilarious viral video. 

Cleaning a raw turkey isn’t a job for squeamish people, but Nathan was up for the task – or so he thought.

Thankfully his mom was recording it. He was shocked when he pulled out the neck. Nathan is not old enough to have taken anatomy class yet and it showed. 

He mistook the neck for a … well a male organ. Being a male himself, this caused Nathan some pain and he needed a break. 

“I Think It’s A Boy!”

“I think it’s a boy!” Nathan [1] declared as he began to gag and turn away from the naked turkey. 

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The video is providing lots of folks with a good laugh as we head into the holidays. 

With over a million views and counting just on Facebook alone, it’s not likely to slow down soon. 

This is funny enough to be on a modern day episode of “Kids Say The Darnedest Things.” 

Check out the video below for a good laugh. 

I bet that was a funny dinner.

This memorable turkey prep will certainly will be something Nathan’s parents will probably be talking about at his graduation party or wedding toast!

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It’s clear why this video went viral immediately. And it lead to even more comical turkey shenanigans.

“He’s Humping Me!”

Soon afterwards, Nathan met a live turkey in person. He was to pet the turkey, but the bird had other plans. The turkey had strong emotional feelings for Nathan. 

“He’s humping me!” Nathan yelled as the turkey got a little too personal with his leg. 

Now, this turkey was definitely a male and he was asserting his dominance over young Nathan! This child certainly had a memorable week with turkeys! 

You can watch this follow up encounter with a living turkey in the video below. Be prepared to laugh!

While many children might be freaked out by all of this, Nathan’s mom hasn’t mentioned that he’s turned into a vegan. He’s just an adventurous boy ready to take on a challenge.

Lucky for us, Nathan is just likely to say something funny while doing it!