Alexander Hernandez Explains How He’s a “2.0” Version

After scoring a jaw-dropping win at UFC Vegas 12, Alexander Hernandez has explained why his outlook and game has reached a new level.

Alexander Hernandez recorded what was likely the most impressive win of his career at UFC Vegas 12, and according to him, it was a “2.o” version of the lightweight who did so.

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Hernandez explains why he’s a new and improved fighter

The 28-year-old Hernadez faced Chris Gruetzemacher at the October 31st event, and he proceeded to quickly take him out with a vicious, series of punches. The bout returned Hernandez (12-3) to the win column, as in May, he was stopped by Drew Dober.

Following that loss, which was his second in three fights, Hernandez decided to relocate from San Antonio to go train with Factory X in Denver.

Well, more recently, Hernandez spoke with BJ While discussing his big win, and the changes he’s made, Hernandez said this.

“This is Alexander Hernandez 2.0. I’ve never seen myself so calculated and relaxed. Just the internal battles I’ve been able to overcome and adhere to.

Then, the execution, that was my best performance in the UFC.”

“The goal is to develop myself in the most profitable and beneficial way I can and develop my platform. A way to do that is to improve my contract and this one I had a massive payout,” Hernandez added.

“I’m not on the fast track I was trying to be on before as looking back on it, it didn’t make any sense. I didn’t have the preparation, the team, the coaches.

I was in the wrong lane and now I have corrected my trajectory and getting paid my value. I’ll probably still have to fight another one or two guys outside the rankings.”

Hernandez proceeded to make it clear, however, that he won’t be calling out any top contenders, following his impressive win.

“You look at (Beneil) Dariush who was outside the rankings and has worked his way back up and looking better than ever.

That is what I want to do. I’m not in a hurry to get back in the rankings, I’m in a hurry to succeed,” That is personally and finically, not an artificial number beside my name.

I’m in no position to contend for the belt at the moment…”

Interesting comments

These are interesting comments from Hernandez, as often after fighters score a big win, you’ll hear them call out a big name or make some pretty bold statements.

But, as Hernandez also acknowledged in the interview, he jumped into the spotlight in his UFC debut, by taking out Dariush. So, he had to carry some pretty loft expectations right out of the gate.

It certainly sounds like he’s drawn some important lessons from the setbacks he’s incurred since.

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