Unhinged Tom Arnold Tweets Out Personal Number For Top WH Aide After COVID Results

Tom Arnold's hatred for Trump run so deep that it drove him to dox Hope Hicks phone number in a tweet following her Thursday COVID results.

Unhinged Hollywood leftist Tom Arnold tweeted Hope Hicks’ personal phone number after it was announced the Trump aide was diagnosed with COVID-19. The comedian has been obsessively taking jabs at the President during his term, but doxing Hope Hicks is low even for Tom Arnold’s standards. 

The drama unfolded on Thursday night when it was announced that Hope Hicks had tested COVID-19.

While there was immediate concern because Hicks has close contact with the President as she is a counselor to him, Arnold decided to use this an an opportunity.

Tom Arnold Tweets Hope Hicks’s Cell Phone Number

“Silent thoughts & prayers aren’t enough for national treasure Hope Hicks,” the not so funny man wrote along with Hick’s phone number. “She needs to hear them.”

Right after getting news of a positive test for coronavirus, Arnold wanted people to bombard her cell phone with hate and vitriol. This is the agenda of the poisonous radical left.

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Faced with backlash, Arnold deleted the tweet doxing the President’s counselor.

But, when Fox News reported about it, he shared it claiming he was just being nice while calling on over a quarter of a million followers to call the sick woman. 

Secret Service Visits Tom Arnold 

Of course, this isn’t the first time Tom Arnold has pulled a questionable move.

Roseanne Barr’s ex has well documented history of troubling behavior. Unfortunately, that made Hope Hicks an easy target for the radical Hollywood liberal.

Arnold previously received a visit from Secret Service after threatening to body slam the President. 

Backstory: Tom Arnold Responds After His Visit from the Secret Service

That would be reality check for most decent people that their behavior was threatening and hostile. Not, Tom Arnold. 

This tweet from Damani Felder of “The Right Brothers” seems to sum it up best:

Will This Mean Another Secret Service Visit?

Hollywood liberals have been foaming at the mouth for something bad to happen to President Trump.

Arnold and his ilk don’t just want him out of the White House. They literally say they want him to die.

About the time it was announced that President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump also have COVID-19, Arnold tossed a hopeful tweet that our Commander-in-Chief and Rudy Giuliani would die to the virus.

Arnold lives so deep inside the Hollywood bubble that he doesn’t understand that the average person doesn’t wish physical harm to people because of political differences.

And his latest decision to dox Hope Hicks in indefensible.

Leftists like Tom Arnold scream about division in society while they are peddling it. It’s possible to disagree civilly, but apparently not in Hollywood. Grow up!

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