Sitcom Star Claims Trump Supporters “Boxed Me In” On Freeway Nearly Causing Her To Crash

"Grown-ish" actress Francia Raisa jumped on the Hollywood trend of villifying Trump supporters with a bizarre freeway story by "Glee" star Amber Riley.

Hollywood actress and star of “Grown-ish”, Francia Raisa, broke down over the weekend in a bizarre Instagram Story post where she claims to have been boxed in and laughed at by supporters of President Donald Trump while on the highway.

“Grown-ish” Actress Francia Raisa Breaks Down Over Trump Supporters

“I was just on the 405 and I got stuck in that stupid [President Donald] Trump rally and they f**king boxed me in and they’re pointing at me and laughing at me, saying, ‘Ha ha,'” Raisa said through tears. “And literally I almost crashed because they wouldn’t let me out. I was trying to go around it. They boxed me in on the f**king freeway. All I wanted to do was go around. I could have crashed.” 

“I just don’t understand why that’s the country that y’all are supposedly wanting right now,” the 32 year-old actress added. “Really? That’s what makes America great? That’s f**cked up. I could have f**king died right now. That was so f**king dangerous, pointing at me and laughing at ‘a Mexican.’ That was really f**king dangerous.”

I can’t for the life of me imagine why the Trump supporters were laughing. There doesn’t seem to be anything funny about how unhinged this woman is at all!

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Entertainment Tonight reported that Raisa later shared an Instagram Story by former “Glee” actress Amber Riley, who tried to back up her claims.

“Francia FaceTimed me freaking the f**k out today,” Riley said. “She was on the 405 and the little Trump rally on the 405 decided to box her in her car. A woman driving by herself. But they saw a Mexican in a car and decided to f**k with her. I was on the phone. I saw this myself.” 

“Glee” Star Amber Riley Shares Her Own Trump Supporter Story

The “Glee” powerhouse related to Francia Raisa’s story through her own experience that she allegedly had with a Trump supporter: 

“I just drove into a parking lot because I’m going into a store. This older white man with a Trump hat on decides before I could drive into the parking lot, I’m in the driveway, decides he’s going to jump in front of my f**king car, take his Trump hat off, use it as some kind of badge, telling me I needed to stop.

Pointing at the Trump supporter part of his hat, and when I was like, ‘Whatever, move along,’ like get out from the front of my car so I can go and do what I have to do, this mother f**ker spit on the front of my car.” 

“In 2020 he saw a Black woman, decided that he was gonna try and punk me, and the mother f**ker spit on my car. I really honestly don’t have words for this. But I can say this, I’m not the one, the two or the three.

I’m not the person that’s gonna take their phone out and make you famous when you’re doing racist s**t. I’mma beat your a**. I don’t condone violence, but I do condone self defense. Because I can ignore your racist bulls**t, but when it comes to assault I’m not taking my phone out, this is not a game.

If I would have found him in that store because I did go and look for him, I probably would be in jail right now. I’m done being nice.”

You can watch “Glee” star Amber Riley detail her alleged run-in with a Trump supporter in the Instagram video below.

Francia Raisa Is Just Latest In Hollywood To Vilify Trump Supporters 

The continued vilification of conservatives and supporters of Donald Trump by the leftist Hollywood elite needs to stop. This sends a dangerous message to their millions of social media followers.

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Of course, there is no telling if these stories are actually true or not.

But it seems clear that telling outrageous stories about the “evils” of Trump supporters is quickly becoming the latest Hollywood trend.

The “Grown-ish” actress’s story is just the latest addition.

This stereotyping of anyone who dares to support the President as “evil” has gone way too far, and it needs to end immediately. 

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