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Unabashed British television personality Piers Morgan let loose on Meghan Markle this week, branding her a “privileged princess” and “self-obsessed”. The former “America’s Got Talent” host also quipped that he’s about as excited to watch Meghan and Prince Harry’s “woke” Netflix content as he would be to get a root canal.


Piers Morgan Fires Back After Meghan Markle Whines About Being ‘Most Trolled Person’

The “Good Morning Britain” host took issue with the fact that Meghan claimed earlier this month that she was the “most trolled person in the entire world” in 2019.

The actress-turned-princess-turned-activist then whined that the hate she received from trolls was “almost unsurvivable.” 

Morgan, however, was not having any of it.

“She said she’s the most trolled person in the world which is not true, certainly Donald Trump wouldn’t agree with that,” he said in an interview with The Express.

“The online trolling has been so bad its been almost unsurvivable and then today she said she hasn’t had any social media accounts for years – well which one is it? How do you know what is being said online if you don’t have any social media accounts. It’s all designed.”

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Piers Morgan Disses Meghan Markle’s Upcoming Netflix Documentaries

Not stopping there, Morgan brought up Meghan’s famous interview for the 2019 documentary “Harry and Meghan: An African Journey.”

Meghan became emotional at one point. The Duchess made headlines for saying “not many people have asked if I’m ok,” when talking about being a mother under scrutiny from the media.

Her tear-filled confession did not impress Morgan either.

“Rather like when she went to Africa and said nobody has asked if I’m okay,” Morgan said. “She’s literally just spent a week with some of the poorest, vulnerable and abused people in the world and yet she still managed to make that all about herself and says ‘nobody has asked if I’m okay.'”

“Well you’re a privileged princess, for God’s sake get some perspective,” he added.

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Morgan spoke in a different interview about his lack of excitement to see the content Meghan Markle and husband Harry will be creating through the streaming giant Netflix.

“I am looking forward to all their woke documentaries with the kind of enthusiasm I look forward to having root canal surgery at the dentist,” Morgan told the Sunday Mirror.

You can always count on Morgan to deliver a zinger!

Meghan And Harry Are ‘Self-Obsessed’

Piers Morgan also blasted both Meghan and Harry for being “self-obsessed” in his new book “Wake Up.”

“It’s sadly, pathetically clear that all the Sussexes care about, like so many self-obsessed privileged wokies, is themselves,” Morgan wrote. “They live in a me-me-me bubble that doesn’t allow for anything more important, like the worst-global pandemic in a century, to interfere with their self-promotion.”

There certainly is no love lost between the fiery British host and the Royal couple!

The Duke and Duchess have garnered themselves a reputation for being “woke”. And for their need to lecture the rest of us about social justice and how we should live our lives.

If Harry and Meghan don’t change their ways soon, they can expect more and more of us to echo Piers Morgan’s sentiments.

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