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NXT Wrestlers Register Formal Complaint Against The WWE

WWE might finally be burned by its coronavirus policies [1], as rumor indicates several NXT wrestlers filed formal complaints against the company. Now, the company is facing an investigation.

NXT Wrestlers Filed Several Formal Complaints

NXT wrestlers file formal complaint against WWE

Wrestling Inc [2] claims that several NXT wrestlers filed formal complaints against the company. These wrestlers were allegedly furious about the company’s coronavirus policies. 

While the names of the alleged wrestlers were not released, there might be repercussions for the WWE. Now, the WWE venues are under investigation.

The Orange County Board of Health is set to investigate coronavirus measures in various WWE buildings. 

According to sources, the wrestlers reported breaches of coronavirus guidelines [3]. The most prominent complaint is staff members not wearing face masks. 

Previously, journalist Jon Alba reported something similar. Now, it seems the WWE’s staff had enough.

WWE Gets More Criticism For Staff Treatment

Vince McMahon
Image Credit: provided via wwe.com

This is not the first bit of trouble the WWE has been in lately. In fact, former presidential candidate Andrew Yang called the company out on numerous practices.

Andrew Yang has criticized the WWE for months. The former presidential candidate was especially critical of the lack of health insurance for wrestlers.

Yang continued his criticism on Talk Is Jericho. He also talked about the WWE wrestlers not being able to make third-party deals.

So, it seems that Andrew Yang has his sights on the WWE. With a powerful politician taking notice, what else will we learn about the WWE?

It will be an interesting couple of weeks. It seems the monopoly of the WWE is now truly over.

But what does this mean for other promotions? Could this benefit AEW, ROH or Impact?

Who knows, but the most important thing is protecting the WWE staff. At this point, it does not seem everyone feels safe on the job.

We will keep a close eye on the situation as it develops. 

Former WWE Wrestlers Move Onto MLW Tapings

Major League Wrestling

Many wrestlers were released during the COVID crisis. And fans were outraged when it was revealed the company booked huge profits. 

But some wrestlers who got the proverbial sack did not end up unemployed. In fact, many moved on to other promotions.

While we know where most former WWE wrestlers ended up, the same could not be said for everyone. Now, we have some news about Lio Rush, ACH [4], and Shawn Daivari.

According to recent reports, the three wrestlers attended tapings for MLW (Major League Wrestling). 

Two of the three former WWE wrestlers left the company with some controversy. ACH reportedly quit after an argument over a racist shirt.

Lio Rush on the other hand, was released because of the company’s budget cuts in April. However, there was some controversy surrounding the wrestler backstage way before then.

Fortunately for Lio Rush [5], the fame accrued during his time in the WWE helped him get a new job at MLW. It is currently unclear if Lio Rush is under contract with MLW or not.

Now, it seems the three former WWE employees have found another home. We wish them the best of luck at Major League Wrestling.