Nurmagomedov: McGregor & Poirier “Don’t Deserve” Rematch

If Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier do end up fighting again, it looks now like Khabib Nurmagomedov's not interested in facing the winner.

In recent months, Khabib Nurmagomedov has seemingly changed his stance on what it will take for Conor McGregor to secure a rematch with him. But, just a couple of days out from his bout with Justin Gaethje, it sounds like the lightweight champ’s closed the door on fighting either McGregor or Poirier again.

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Nurmagomedov says McGregor and Poirier “don’t deserve” rematch

For a long time after Khabib submitted McGregor in 2018, he argued the former champ needed to defeat several top lightweights, before he earned a rematch.

After McGregor defeated Donald Cerrone this past Janaury, which was Conor’s first bout since he faced Khabib, Dana White said the Irish star had earned another shot at the title. Khabib continued to argue otherwise.

But, in more recent months, Khabib stated that if McGregor a top contender like Poirier or Tony Ferguson, he’d consider facing his rival again. Provided Khabib couldn’t fight Georges St-Pierre, who he’s repeatedly said he wants to fight.

Well, fast forward to today, and the UFC is working on booking a rematch between McGregor and Poirier for January 23rd. Khabib recently said that if the fight takes place at welterweight, then the winner has no claim for a title shot  at 155. But, he also said that if the fight’s at lightweight, then it “makes sense”.

Since then, however, Khabib spoke with UFC Arabia. While talking about the prospect of facing either McGregor or Poirier agian, Khabib said this (note: he also submitted Poirier last September) (quote via MMA Junkie)

“I don’t think I’m gonna give these guys a rematch or something like this,” Nurmagomedov said. “They don’t deserve this. I fight with them both, I finish both of them, and these fights don’t give me good energy.

For example, vs. Justin Gaethje, it’s like I can’t wait. This fight makes me excited, but Dustin or Conor, these guys don’t make me excited because I already beat them. Why I have to fight with them?”


Now, given that Khabib has apparently changed his mind in the past, in terms of conditions for McGregor to score a rematch, it could happen again.

But, if Khabib beats Gaethje this Saturday, and if he’s thinking about retiring at 30-0, would he really agree to face either McGregor or Poirier in that bout? Given he’s already beat them before?

It seems unlikely right? What does he have to gain by taking that bout? Aside from a big check?

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