Karate Combat Names Adam S. Kovacs President And COO

The Karate Combat promotion has hired a new president and COO, naming Adam S. Kovacs to serve in both of those roles.

Karate Combat announced that it has named Adam S. Kovacs its new League President and Chief Operating Officer. Kovacs was previously the founding Head of Karate of the league. He led the team that developed its unique and innovative ruleset and recruited 150 of the top karate stars from 50 countries. Kovacs has recently led the transition of the league to a weekly fight format and the continued expansion of the staff and roster. Karate Combat is the first mainstream, professional, full contact karate league. Its second season runs through December with fights every Sunday.

Kovacs is the most successful karteka in Hungary, a 5th Dan Karate Master and a former number 1 ranked karateka. He was a World Games winner in Taiwan in 2009 and a Silver Medalist at World Championships in Mexico (2004) and Japan (2009). Before joining Karate Combat, he served as Head of Karate for the most successful multi-sport clubs in Hungary. Kovacs has built martial arts and apparel companies and has served as a lead analyst and color commentator for the UFC on National Sport Television Hungary.

“I’ve seen Adam fight, and I’ve seen Adam doing business,” said combat sports hall-of-famer and Karate Combat Ambassador,Bas Rutten. “And I gotta tell you, I wouldn’t want to be on his bad side in the Fighting Pit or the board room. As a fighter, I can tell you he helped design this league with the fighters’ lives and dreams and desires in mind. He inspires them so that they can go out and inspire the fans.”

Karate Combat is presenting fights every Sunday at 7 pm ET during its second season. The fights are available in many regions on beIN SPORTS and also at Karate Combat YouTube.

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