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While the main stage is where most people focus on debate night, it’s entertaining to see who is sitting in the audience. John Daly and Kid Rock both came as guests to President Trump and added some recognizable flair to the debate’s audience in Nashville.

Kid Rock then continued his support of Trump by performing at an afterparty at his Nashville honky tonk. 

PGA Golfer John Daly Gets Patriotic For Presidential Debate

The legendary pro golfer and the opinionated rocker were quickly spotted in the presidential debate audience.

John Daly tweeted his enthusiasm to be at this historic event alongside Kid Rock.

The PGA champion was decked out in American themed apparel.

The 54-year-old’s flag sports coat was a bold move that his fans certainly can appreciate.

John Daly And Kid Rock Social Distance At Presidential Debate Social 

Kid Rock and John Daly sat in the same row but had to be spaced out several seats apart in order to social distance.

This might have been a good idea anyhow because it’s easy to imagine this pair causing a raucous if they could sit right next to each other. 

The press appears to have a hard time understanding or believing that Kid Rock is supporting Trump.

Last month, the unapologetic rocker headlined a Michigan rally for the President.

Backstory: Kid Rock Bucks Liberal Opposition To Rock Out Trump Rally With Don Jr.

Yet NBC still asked if he was there to cheer for Trump. 

“I think being here says it all, right?” he said. “Happy to be invited.”

John Daly Golfs With President Trump

PGA pro John Daly has been a supporter of Trump’s for a while.

Last summer, he golfed with the President and claimed it was one of the best days of his life.

The Commander-in-Chief obviously repaid the favor by inviting the professional golfer to the debate. 

Trump Flags Fly At Kid Rock’s Post Debate Party In Nashville

The debate ended too early for this rock star. He was just getting started, so he kept the good times rolling with a presidential debate afterparty celebration.

The stage at Kid Rock’s bar in Nashville was decked out with Trump flags as he performed. Check it out below:


Much to the media’s chagrin, it appears the Michigan rocker remains steadfast in his support of President Trump.

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