Ferguson Lights up McGregor & Poirier, Says They Want to “Play Boxing”

It's looking like Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier are going to fight again, and recently Tony Ferguson fired away at both the lightweights.

It seems like most folks are buzzed that the UFC’s working on a rematch between Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor. But it seems pretty clear Tony Ferguson isn’t happy about the fact the lightweights could fight in January, while he remains on the sidelines.

Tony Ferguson
Image Credit: UFC / Twitter

Ferguson trashes McGregor and Poirier

For a while, it looked like in addition to Khabib Nurmagmoedov versus Justin Gaethje, tomorrow’s UFC 254 card would also feature Poirier and Ferguson throwing down. But, several weeks ago, Poirier announced he wasn’t going to fight Ferguson at the event, since the UFC wasn’t offering enough.

Ferguson publicly called on the UFC to pay Poirier more, so that the fight would happen. But, the UFC opted to move on, and more recently Poirier and McGregor have verbally agreed to fight on January 23rd.

The UFC began working on plans for a rematch between the two, after McGregor challenged Poirier to a charity match and offered to give money to his charity, The Good Fight Foundation.

Well, while it remains to be seen if McGregor – Poirier 2 does indeed take place, Ferguson has had quite a bit to say about the proposed bout. While talking to MMA Fighting recently, ‘El Cucuy’ said this.

“I’m supposed to fight this weekend,” Ferguson said. “Right now, I’ve even got my hoodie on. I’m supposed to be weighing in today or weigh-in this morning. Your body doesn’t know when you lost a fight.

“So technically we were getting ready for this fight outside of the things from the Dustin Poirier saga I call it.

With him taking Conor’s money and his thing for the fight. He doesn’t want to fight me. That’s why I wanted the fight because in the rankings that’s what it is. Conor’s inactive. He’s been inactive for a very long time.”

“They’re both b*tches,” Ferguson added. “They want to play their f**king grab ass game and go play boxing. We don’t play MMA. This is completely different. You guys don’t want to play this kind of ball league.

“You want to take Conor’s f**king bribe money to go an open up your academy while you should be saving your money, paying it, donating your time and all this other stuff.

You should have had your academy already. You’ve been fighting for years. That’s some bullsh*t excuse to not want to fight.”


Even if you’re not a big Ferguson booster, you can probably understand why he’s frustrated. Although Ferguson is coming off a loss to Gaethje, it wasn’t long ago when he was on one of the most impressive runs in MMA (12 straight wins).

Now it’s not clear when and who he’ll face next, if Conor and Dustin do end up fighting in January. ‘El Cucuy’ is currently ranked #3 in the UFC’s lightweight division. So, as it stands, no title-shot eliminator appears on the horizon for him.

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