Antifa assault Phillip Anderson free speech rally Team Save America San Francisco

An Antifa mob attacked a free speech rally hosted by Team Save America in Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco. Several conservatives were assaulted by Antifa and the event organizer, who is black, even lost his front teeth after being punched by a leftist. 

Radical leftwing agitators got violent on Saturday when they disrupted a free speech event with a counter protest. Typical of Antifa, they did not come to play nice. They came to cause chaos and terrorize people for having a different opinion.

Team Save America Free Speech Rally In San Franciso

Phillip Anderson organized the Team Save America event after Facebook and Twitter restricted and suppressed a New York Post story about Hunter Biden selling access to then Vice President Joe Biden to foreign entities.

Big tech did not want this October Surprise to harm Biden’s electoral chances.

Twitter locked out accounts for sharing the article and blocked the ability to even tweet it. Facebook restricted reach of the bombshell story.

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The social media giants are private companies with the ability to monitor speech, but this is a different matter altogether as it is interfering with an election.

But the Antifa mob got physical during this free speech rally.

These radicals are triggered by a free speech event because they want to harm anyone who doesn’t support their point of view.

Phillip Anderson was protecting another conservative man from Antifa when he was violently assaulted. 

First, the Black conservative was sucker punched from behind. Then the masked man hit him straight in the face, causing Anderson to lose his front two teeth.

He was also called racial slurs for refusing to support Biden and the Democratic agenda. 

Video of this assault is in the tweet below.

As you can see many of the people attacking or insulting Anderson are white. They don’t believe a Black man has a right to think for himself. 

Second Angle Of The Antifa Assault On Phillip Anderson

Another video shows a different angle of the Antifa assault on free speech rally organizer Phillip Anderson.

You also can hear the foul and offensive language being hurled by the Antifa mob.

As the tweeter below points out, Joe Biden believes Antifa is nothing more than an idea. This “idea” just assaulted a Black man for the crime of being conservative. 

Congressman Paul Gosar is a dentist. He wants to help Phillip Anderson get his smile back.

Gosar has been unable to reach Anderson because Twitter banned the conservative activist’s account. 

Extreme leftists will harm conservatives at all costs in an attempt to silence them.

Unfortunately, Phillip Anderson has a permanent reminder that some liberals do not believe he is entitled to his own opinion or freedom of speech.

Sadly, this experience is not unique as the 2020 election has sent these radicals into overdrive. 

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