Vitor Belfort Challenges Brock Lesnar, Calls Him ‘A Fraud’

During a recent interview with Submission Radio, Vitor Belfort made it known that he would love to challenge Brock Lesnar.

Vitor Belfort was a guest on Submission Radio recently and the subject of Brock Lesnar was discussed.

Belfort, currently signed to a contract with ONE Championship, offered his services as a challenger to the former UFC heavyweight champion.

Check out the complete interview below with Belfort.

On Paulo Costa being in his camp and his prediction for Costa/Adesana

“Yeah, so Borrachinha used to be in my camp.”

“And Borrachinha is a very tough guy, very strong, very durable. And on the other side you have a guy who’s very crafty and very awkward and different, but I think Israel doesn’t have a lot of good hands. He really has a mix of the hands and the feet, but he’s not a good boxer. Versus, Borrachinha has very good hands. He learned a lot of stuff with me. Great boxer. And I think he’s got a chance until the third round. Past this, I think the fight will go to Israel.”

If Paulo Costa is underrated

“Not underrated. You know, it’s a hype, it’s just the hype. Of course you’re not there by accident. You deserve to be there. Borrachinha paid his way, he paid the price. He had some good fights and he deserves to there, man. It’s not like it was given to him like a present. You’re always gonna have the haters, you’re always gonna have the doubters. Success comes with that. And I think he’s tough, very good, he’s promoting the fight. But I really think he’s got skills. His hands are much better than Israel’s. But Israel is a very crafty guy. Great kicks, he can sprawl very well. So we’ll see. It’s gonna be interesting, and that’s what’s interesting. People gotta realize what sells. It’s not ground, it’s not Jiu Jitsu. What sells is, people like striking, people love guys that can bring that excitement. And even Dana white called Borrachinha the young Belfort, the young phenom. Because he has the hands, and he learned a lot with me. We trained together and I think he really has a chance, and it’s gonna be great combat.”

On the comparisons of Costa/Adesnaya being the modern day Belfort/Silva

“It’s like the new version of Anderson, the new version of Belfort. You’re right on the dot. And this is what it is. Borrachinha is representing me, a guy with a great physique, very talented, young. And he has a lot of experience, he’s earned his respect. And I think that’s what it is, that’s what’s cool about the future, when you have people that paved the way. It’s literally like he’s the new version of Anderson and the new version of the Phenom, for sure.”

On Adesanya helping Anthony Johnson for Jon Jones at the same time as Costa helping Belfort for Weidman

“I really respect Israel too. I trained with him. Actually, both were there when I was fighting Weidman. Israel was helping my fellow friend to fight, Anthony Johnson, he was fighting [against Jon Jones] too. So, he was sparring partners of Johnson, and Borrachinha was helping me to fight Weidman when my fight got cancelled. But I like both. Both are great artists, and I’m just cheering for a great, great fight. I hope both guys do great and the best man wins. It’s not the guy who’s the best, it’s always the fighter that fights the best. And both guys have different skills, and that’s what makes it interesting.”

On Wanderlei Silva putting out a fake poster to fight Vitor

“I see desperation. I see a sign of desperation. I don’t know why, why he’s fighting. Maybe because he feels like he needs a rematch or maybe he’s hurting for money? I don’t know why. But I told him, my agent’s been texting him, we’re gonna bring this to ONE. Chatri said he would do it, and Chatri would present this for the whole scene with this new rules called BMA, where literally a boxer can fight an MMA fighter in this unification of rules, that I think that’s what people want to see.”

“Nothing better than to merge these two sports together with a clash between me and Wanderlei Silva, and possibly in the future with Anderson as well. People want to see fights like this, like Costa and Israel. What sells, is like, the excitement, these great athletes looking for a knockout, putting people away, and I think that’s what sells.”

“Wanderlei, get yourself together. Go train. Let’s give the fans [what they want.] Chatri’s just waiting on you, and let’s make it happen, bro.”

On wanting to fight Brock Lesnar at ONE and why Vitor thinks Brock’s a fraud

Brock Lesnar, I think you’re a fraud. But I’ll give you a chance. I think you’re a fraud. If you really want to fight with me, let’s go bare hands, me and you. We put the gloves, we go combat, you know? I know you’re a very tough man. I heard you’re a grappler, but I’ll fight you, man. I’ll fight you any day, any time, and I think that’s a legendary fight right there. But I think he’s a fraud in MMA. But, you know, he comes from WWE, he knows how to sell, but for MMA, he doesn’t like to get hit. And I’m telling you, I can hit him pretty hard. So, let’s do BMA, me and you. You’re a big man, I got you. I’m willing to fight big men, man. I’m not scared. The king of the jungle is the Lion, not the Elephant. So, Brock Lesnar, you’re right down my alley, my friend.”

On why Brock Lesnar is a “fraud”

“Fraud because he never paved the way, man. He never fought MMA. He went there and he got a chance. He fought for the belt after one fight. Listen, I tell this to everyone, you listen to me very clearly, the only sport in the world, the only sport in the world where you can come in from any other sport, is MMA. An MMA fighter can never cross to football. They can never cross. Michael Jordan tried to cross from baseball and he couldn’t make it. Why? Because you have a process to make it. So, that’s what it is. We need to understand that MMA, a combat sport. Even YouTubers can fight. Even like if you’re a hockey player you can come and fight in these rules. That’s why it’s good, man, that’s what makes MMA so possible. You don’t need to have a career, you can make a career and you can become a persona and people can like you and they can buy you. Look at what Kimbo Slice did. And some make it. I take my hats off to the gangster, Masvidal. Because he really paid his way, man. People don’t realise, that guy paid his way. He deserves it. So, I respect fighters that really paid their way. They deserve to be in the spotlight. But, you know, I understand he can be in the spotlight of WWE. So, that’s what I mean. A fraud for MMA is this. He doesn’t deserve it, but he sells, man. Let’s go Brock. I’ll put my hands on you. That would be nice. I’ll make him pink.”

On being ready for Brock in 4-8 weeks

“Give me four weeks, give me six weeks, eight weeks. I’m ready to go. Brock Lesnar I’m ready to go. Sign your deal, man, let’s go.”

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