Mark and Patricia McCloskey guns St Louis protesters mansion

Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the St. Louis couple who made international headlines when they pointed guns at Black Lives Matter protesters at their suburban mansion, are not backing down. They are being singled out and harassed but they are fighting back in a way that will cement their legendary status. 

St. Louis Couple Targeted For Defending Their Home With Guns

The McCloskeys have been targeted since their encounter with protestors went viral. They were not going to let these radicals burn or vandalize their home.

As violence descended on Democrat cities across the country, many of us could relate. We want to feel safe in our homes and would take action if we needed to.

Mark McCloskey told Fox News

“As soon as I said the words ‘private property,’ it seemed to enrage them. I ran in, got my rifle. I started standing on the wing of the patio saying, ‘Private property! Get out! Get out of here!’ They kept pouring in. That seemed to make them want to come forward.”

As a result of protecting their home, the McCloskeys are now facing felony charges for unlawful use of a weapon from a Democratic St. Louis Circuit Attorney. 

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McCloskeys’ RNC Speech

Mark and Patricia McCloskey

The gun-toting McCloskeys became even more visible after speaking at the Republican National Convention. This gave the former Democrats a platform to explain what was actually going on and what the repercussions have been.

The McCloskey’s RNC speech that upset leftwing protesters can been watched in the video below. See if you agree with them. 

And now, since they are even more recognizable, they are being singled out in their hometown.

A protester who continually screamed “ABOLISH THE SUBURBS!” at the McCloskeys as they were out running errands got a bit of a surprise.

After going to the car, Mark McCloskey returned with a gift for their “fan.” He gave her a card with a picture of the couple standing outside their mansion with their guns when the mob came to their doorstep.

BOOM! The McCloskeys are not bending to the mob. Watch the video below to see these masters at work. 

McCloskeys Sign +  Print Cards For Their Haters

The Black Lives Matter activist who shared the video also tweeted out what the printed card looks like. She is, of course, appalled, but it’s a thing of beauty as you can see in the tweet below. 

These leftwing agitators are used to people giving up and running away out of fear. However, the McCloskeys refuse to submit. These married lawyers aren’t backing down even when they are harassed.

Check out the look on both of their faces when they handed her their card. 

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