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Manager: Nick Diaz is Getting Ready For 2021 Return (Video)

Although 2020 is very likely going to come and go without Nick Diaz [1] fighting, there are certainly strong signals pointing to him competing in 2021.

Image Credit: Twitter

Diaz is looking ready to go, following test weight cut

If you follow Diaz, you know the Stockton star has talked about fighting again, more than once, since his last bout in 2015. But, to date, it hasn’t happened.

After his brother Nate lost to Jorge Masvidal [2] last November, Nick reported he didn’t care for some of the things “Gamebred” had said about his brother. His camp pushed for a fight with Masvidal, but, as you know, nothing came of it.

Well, fast forward to today, and it looks like Masvidal is going to fight Nate Diaz for a second time. But, Nick’s manager also recently told ESPN’s Ariel Helwani that the star is getting ready for a 2021 return.

“This is Nick Diaz earlier today. He weighs in the 175-165 pound range, per his manager Kevin Mubenga.

He just completed a 14-week diet and training regimen. This is the first time he cuts weight in approximately four years, Mubenga said.

Diaz wanted to do a test cut because he is keeping a close eye on the big welterweight fights coming up. He is “100%” planning on fighting again, per Mubenga, and is targeting an early 2021 return.”

Will this finally happen?

Now, if you’re still skeptical that we will actually, finally see Nick fight again next year, it’s understandable. After all, it’s been over five years now since he last fought.

But, the fact Diaz has done the test weight cut and is in shape, is certainly a sign that we could see him fighting again soon.