Man With Blackened Eyes And Full Body Tattoos Upset He Can’t Teach Kindergarten

A tattooed kindergarten teacher with surgically blackened eyes, Sylvain Helaine, calls his removal from teaching young kids "quite sad".

A tattooed kindergarten teacher who had his eyes surgically made black is upset after being told he can no longer teach children under the age of six. 35-year-old Sylvain Helaine’s entire body is covered in tattoos. His tongue is even tattooed. 

Helaine is known in the tattoo world as “Freaky Hoodie.” If adults see him as freaky, imagine how young children feel.

Parents of a 3-year-old told the school where the Helaine taught that the child was afraid because of the tattoos and black eyes. 

Tattooed Kindergarten Teacher

Sylvain Helaine had been teaching kindergarten in a suburb of Paris.

This is a very impressionable age in which it is stressed that children discuss their feelings. This child was just being honest about his fear, which is natural.

Freaky Hoodie got his first tattoo when he was 27 years old and he can’t stop.

Given how he has made a conscious decision to change his body to be “freaky,” he should understand the this will scare people, especially young children. 

But, Helaine made it about himself. 

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With no concern about how the child felt, the tattooed teacher described the school’s decision as “quite sad.” 

The school did not even fire the tattooed kindergarten teacher with the black eyes.

Instead, they moved him to another grade. They ultimately decided the way Freaky Hoodie chose to look could frighten children under six.

School administrators felt comfortable, however, with allowing Helaine to teach children older than six despite intentional deformities to his skin, eyes, and tongue.

Teacher Wants More Ink 

Even though his body is already covered in tattoos, Sylvain Helaine has no plans to stop.

Freaky Hoodie will get a second layer of tattoos. Then a third and a fourth.

He said eventually his body will be entirely black from the tattoo ink. 

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“When I started getting tattooed, I wanted half of body a mix between old school and rock n roll style and other half of my body drawing in Japanese inspiration,” the teacher said. But, he has gone much farther than that. 

The tattooed teacher believes his body artwork will inspire children to accept people unlike themselves. 

“Maybe when they are adults they will be less racist and less homophobic and more open-minded,” Helaine said.

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