Karate Combat Season Two Begins Sunday Night

The second season of Karate Combat kicks off this weekend and will feature former NFL superstar Marshawn Lynch.

Karate Combat returns Sunday night with the beginning of season two.

The first episode will air both on and on YouTube.

Marshawn Lynch, a former NFL superstar, will be part of the broadcast team with the legendary Bas Rutten. 

The Main Event for the frist night is Jerome “Big Romeo” Brown of London vs. Abdullah “The Joker”  Ibrahim of New York City (by way of Egypt). Both have had brutal knockouts with Karate Combat in past fights.

The second event is Stephanos Roupakas of Greece vs. Maximilian Mathes of Germany who lives as a monk in Thailand. Starting out the night is Deivis Ferraras of the Dominican Republic vs Jesus Lopez of Peru.  

Karate Combat uses an entirely new set of rules unlike any combat sport in the world. The bouts are 3 rounds of 3 minutes each in a slope-sided pit. After takedowns there is 5 seconds of ground and pound before the ref gets everyone back up. Scoring is on a 10 point must system — though many fights end in knockouts.

Our “Full Contact Entertainment” includes min-documentaries of our fighters shot with Hollywood production levels in their home towns around the world–emphasizing the diversity of our roster and that we have 150 men and women from 50 countries. Many of our fighters are Olympic qualified in karate. 

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