Conor McGregor & Dustin Poirier Agree to Charity Fight on Twitter

Recently Conor McGregor said he's fighting Manny Pacquiao next, but now the star's challenged Dustin Poirier to a charity bout.

Last week Conor McGregor was in the news on account of reports he’s in talks to fight Manny Pacquiao next. But, now the star is likely raising eyebrows in the MMA world after he challenged Dustin Poirier to a charity fight, and the latter says he’s down.

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McGregor proposes fight for charity with Poirier

In recent days, McGregor has been making headlines due to various tweets he’s shared out. Late last week he posted what were apparently images of a text exchange he had with Dana White this past March, in which McGregor was pushing for another fight. 

Then McGregor also tweeted out that he’s boxing Pacquiao next, and the latter’s camp has said talks are underway to make that happen. 

Well, more recently, McGregor had the following exchange with Poirier (after firing back at comments Daniel Cormier apparently made about Conor’s recent tweets regarding his next bout).

Hey bro! You want to do an MMA charity fight? Zero to do with the ufc.

I will donate half a mill towards your charity for it. Sell it on ppv or work a tv deal and we work out other charities that are close to my heart also. I am engaged in many.  Strictly a charity “exhibition”

December 12th in the Point depot, Ireland. No weigh ins.
Open weight, unified rules.
I will arrange all travel fare for you and family.
McGregor Sports and Entertainment MMA, in association with The Good Fight Foundation.
Charity Mixed Martial Arts!

And then Poirier responded with this:

I’m in! Lets do it! A lot of people will benefit from this @TheGoodFightFDN

Which prompted McGregor to respond with:

Excellent! We shall take it offline and progress the process from here. Good man Dustin! I respect your philanthropic efforts greatly, as well as how you conducted yourself post our first fight. You have my respect!


So, if you’re skeptical that this will happen, given what’s transpired with McGregor this past year, it’s understandable. After all, in June in he retired, more recently he’s talked about fighting Pacquiao as well as Diego Sanchez, and now there’s this.

That said, if McGregor and Poirier do end up fighting to raise money for charities, of course they should be praised for that. It’s not clear, however, whether they would need the UFC to sign off on this, even if they’re not getting paid to fight.

It would be surprising if the UFC has no contractual say here, and it would also be surprising if the promotion okayed this. 

McGregor and Poirier fought back in 2014, at featherweight, and McGregor scored a first-round stoppage.

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