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Colby Covington Continues Push For Jorge Masvidal Bout

The former interim UFC welterweight champion continues to make his push to take on Jorge Masvidal for his next bout.

Former interim UFC welterweight champion Colby Covington was a guest on Submission Radio recently.

Covington, who is coming off a convincing victory over Tyron Woodley, continued to make the push to face Jorge Masvidal next.

Check out what Covington had to say regarding Masvidal and more from the interview below.

On why Jorge Masvidal needs to fight him next

“I did some bad horrible things to Woodley. He had to leave on a stretcher. Jorge Masvidal is leaving in a body bag when we fight. I promise you that.”

“This is just all destiny, and there’s nothing anybody can do to stop it, and Jorge Masvidal knows that. He knows there’s nothing he can do to stop it. Dana White wants this fight. I want this fight. The fans want this fight. Jorge Masvidal Street Judas was talking a big game, he was writing checks with his mouth, but his ass can’t cash. We know what’s gonna happen when we step in the octagon, but we’ll see if he signs a contract someday. Because I don’t know, I think his fans are gonna find out his 15 seconds of fame are up and he doesn’t want to get exposed, and he’s a coward, he’s gonna avoid this fight.”

We have such a built-up animosity, you know, being best friends. He was writing all these checks his ass can’t cash, talking all this shit, saying, ‘Colby, I’m gonna kill you, I’m gonna leave like this’. All the heated drama we had at our old gym, and it’s just, this needs to be settled, man. We’re the top fighters in the world. His hype is coming to an end and I want to be the one to put it to an end. So, I’m sick of him talking to the media and not having to account for his words. So, unless I’m fighting Street Judas or I’m getting a rematch for my title that I rightfully deserve and got cheated out of by Marc NotSoGooddard, then I’m not doing anything, boys. That’s all I’ve earned and that’s what I deserve. I’m the greatest fighter in the world right now. Doesn’t matter who they put in that octagon against me, I will get my hand raised.”

Where the fight with Jorge Masvidal currently stands with the UFC

“The talks have been great. Like I said, I agreed on the night that I fought Woodley and retired Woodley that night and left him in a stretcher to the hospital. I agreed right away. I said, Dana, let’s do it, I wanna sign it up. You know, the terms are pretty much done, we’re ready to go. So, it’s all in Street Judas Masvidal’s court.”

“Dana White came up to me after my fight immediately and said, ‘hey, we want to do you versus Street Judas Masvidal’. I accepted right on that night, in that minute. So, he knows I’m on board, the UFC knows I’m on board. Now it’s just about getting Street Judas Masvidal on board. He’s scared. He’s scared of my shadow. If my shadow was around him, he’d be running. So, who knows if he’ll show up to the octagon. I definitely don’t want to have to beat him up on the streets of Miami, cause I am the King of Miami.”

On not wanting to have to fight Jorge Masvidal in the streets of Miami

“I don’t want to beat him up in the streets of Miami, guys. Cause if I beat him up there, nobody’s gonna pay his hospital bills. At least if I go out there and expose him in front of the world, in the UFC octagon on live television, then he’ll get his hospital and medical bills paid for. The thing is, Jorge is going to have to show up to fight me one day. He’s going to have to show up to pay his ex-wife’s lawyer fees. He’s gotta pay alimony payments, he’s got some other things he’s gotta pay. So, he’s gonna be broke soon. He’s gonna come running to Daddy, and he knows the only money fight he’s getting is me. I’m his money fight. That other fight that they’re trying to do with that Soyboy, they’re not trying to do that fight. That’s just a fight he’s begging for because he won it one-sided, and now he’s looking for an easy fight. So, this is the fight that’s being presented to him, that’s the only that should be made, and it’s the biggest fight they can probably make in the UFC right now. It’s a pay-per-view main event, it’s a five-rounder, it’s an exciting match-up with fireworks on the line. I’m not going to be looking to dance on his feet like Marty Fakenewsman did, I’m gonna be looking to dance on his face, break his face, and he’s leaving that octagon in a body bag, mark my words.”

The fight between him and Jorge being a PPV main event and 5 rounds

“It’s going to be a pay-per-view main event. I mean, there’s no doubt about it. We’re two of the biggest draws in the company, and we just so happen to be in the same weight class, and it just so happens to be we used to be best friends. We used to live together, train together every single day.”

On wanting to fight in Miami at the American Airlines arena in December/January

“I think the best place to propose it for would be for American Airlines arena in Miami, Florida. I think that would be a great ticket. And hopefully by the time fans come back in December/January, it’s just perfect. It alines perfectly and there’s a big market for MMA in Miami. So, people want to see fighting in Miami, and I think the UFC needs to come back to Miami.”

On Jorge being silent now towards Covington

“He said a lot of stuff before, but if you guys didn’t notice, you should look at him now. He’s silent. He’s got nothing to say, because he knows what’s coming now. He knows what’s in front of him, and he knows he’s gonna get embarrassed in front of the world and he’s gonna get hurt. He’s not gonna look recognizable to his kids anymore. His kids are never going to look at him the same again. They’re gonna call me his Daddy after I’m finished with him, cause I am Jorge Masvidal’s Daddy.”

 If Jorge Masvidal refuses to fight him next

“If he sits out and he turns his back away from the only fight that’s being presented to him, because there’s not another fight that’s been presented to him, then the fans are gonna find out how much of coward he really is and how much of a pussy he is. And so, he’ll get exposed for that, and that will be worth the weight in gold that it is in itself; the fact that he ran from me like the little bitch that he is. Talked all that shit, but now he ain’t got nothing to say. Now he doesn’t want to come see me in the octagon because he knows, he knows what’s gonna happen. So, that would be pretty satisfying if he runs from me and ducks from me, cause all the fans will know he’s a little bitch and a pussy, and then I’ll just have to pivot back to my title fight. I’m owed a rematch and I want my rematch, and it doesn’t matter which order it goes in. But Street Judas and Marty Fakenewman will get their ass beat. I promise you. Colby 2.0 is here. I was playing with you guys before, I’m not playing no more. Now I’m fucking serious, and you’re seeing the serious Colby 2.0 coming.”

Whether he dominated Masidal or Woodley more in sparring sessions at ATT

“Oh, one hundred percent with my sparring sessions with Street Judas Jorge Masvidal. I mean, they were violent. I mean, he was unconscious multiple times. I left Woodley in a pool of his blood and unconscious once or twice, but Jorge Masvidal, it was ten times the effect on him. I mean, he’s just the easier fighter. He’s a little guy. He’s got no heart. He’s a frontrunner. I know how he fights, and he’s emotional, more importantly. It would be so violent. I would feel so bad he’d leave in a body bag. Well, nah, I wouldn’t feel bad because he’s a piece of shit person, he’s a dirtbag, and he did turn his back on me for no reason. So, I promise you, it’s going to be violent and it’s going to be nasty. And he knows that, and that’s why he’s not saying anything, and he’s probably going to avoid this fight as long as he can.”

On Khamzat Chimaev

I don’t even know who that is, man. I remember somebody saying there was some kid on my prelims that was fighting and he had a bunch of hype on him. He hadn’t fought anybody that’s ranked in the top 50 in the world, and they didn’t even bring me into the building before the co-main event. So, I didn’t see the prelims and this kid that you talk of. But if he gets some ranked wins and he becomes somebody, come see me. I’m the greatest fighter in the world, I’m not looking to avoid anybody. I’m looking to beat everybody and anybody in the way. So, anybody that you want to bring the hype machine behind these kids and say they’re great and this and that, that hype machine will get halted in a second if they come see Colby Covington.”

On Ali Abdelaziz and being so close together at the Trump photo-op

“How about on the reverse side of that, Justin’s manager and Khabib’s manager, he’s gonna double dip in that main event to get some money in his pocket. How funny is that guy?”

“Yeah, it was hilarious because he had one of his little fighters come up to me and tell me, ‘try and give peace. Hey man, Ali is going to be all cool if you’re cool’. And I’m just laughing. I’m like, I wouldn’t care if he wasn’t cool. What’s he gonna do to me? I’m the best fighter in the world. You know he can’t do anything to me. I’ll dump him on his head and leave him unconscious if I needed to. But I did it for the president. I respected him. I respected Dana White, cause he brought them there. I’m not gonna put them in jeopardy. They know I’m a true professional and company man. But yeah, they kept him safe a distance away that I didn’t have to worry about anything. And he’s just a two-faced person. He’s a hypocrite, and I think he’s getting exposed every single day and people are seeing his true colors, and he’s not a good human being.”   

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