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Superstar Getting New Gimmick + News On Matt Cardona AEW Deal

It seems a WWE Superstar is teasing getting a new gimmick with some cryptic postings. And we have news on Matt Cardona’s AEW deal as well.

Superstar Getting New Gimmick 

Superstars get new gimmicks, from time to time. So what Superstar might be getting a new gimmick now?

Superstar getting new gimmick
Image Credit: Provided via WWE.com

How about Aleister Black [1]. That might be the case, as the dark Superstar is teasing via some rather cryptic posts.

While Black posted several to Instagram, we’ve highlighted one main one here:


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And now I must re-write 4 years of my own history by getting rid of that weakness. The same weakness that caused this betrayal, this is where my accountability ends, and yours starts. [2]

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So, could the former NXT Champion be getting a new gimmick? Superstars getting re-packaged is nothing new, after all.

Sometimes that works out well (Stone Cold Steve Austin [4] was far better than any other gimmick he had).

At this point, I’d probably rather not see much done to Aleister Black. His gimmick, presence and persona is so unique, I just can’t imagine how or what WWE would do that wouldn’t somehow ruin what he’s done.

That said, he’s kind of stalled out for now. Sure, he’s involved with Seth Rollins [5], but it’s a mid-card feud and right now he does not seem primed to be finding a title shot any time soon.

Would a gimmick change help? Maybe.

I don’t think one is coming though. Reading his post, he talks about getting rid of weakness.

To me, perhaps he’s reflecting on getting a bit softer since he was called up, or even since he arrived in NXT.

Perhaps he’s going to introduce us to a darker and stronger Aleister Black…in which case I’d say it wouldn’t be a gimmick change, so much as it would be a fire under him.

Either way, stay tuned!

News On Matt Cardona AEW Deal

By now, you should already know that Matt Cardona debuted this past Wednesday for AEW [6]. Now we have news on Matt Cardona’s AEW deal.

The former Long Island Iced Z showed up and made the save for friend Cody Rhodes. While Cardona looked jacked, his was a debut I would have much rather seen in front of fans.

So how long is Cardona planning on sticking with AEW? The answer could surprise you.

According to several resources, and confirmed by Fightful [7], Cardona is currently working under a five appearance deal with AEW.

Presumably his first was his debut, and his second comes in less than a week when he teams with Cody Rhodes.

Now, the five appearance deal does not mean he will leave after five. These kinds of arrangements can and do become longer term as needed, so it’s possible a short term AEW deal is simply a prelude to a longer contract.

As much as I’d love to see him come back to WWE-and to actually be used-Cardona has a chance to shine in AEW. I’d expect him to end up signing a longer term deal soon enough.

Still, starting off with merely a five show deal is a bit of a surprise, but let’s see how things play out.

That is an interesting theory, especially if Cardona does indeed turn so quickly. It would be somewhat surprising to see an established veteran be brought in on a trial type contract, however (unless both sides wanted to dip their toes in and see).