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Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Making Black Lives Matter Their Main Focus Per Royal Expert

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be focusing more on Black Lives Matter activism going forward, according to royal expert Katie Nicholl.

Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Support Black Lives Matter

“The Black Lives Matter movement matters to Meghan and it matters to Harry. And I understand that this is going to be an area where we’re going to see the couple doing a lot more work and taking a lot more interest,” Katie Nicholl told Entertainment Tonight [2]

“They’ve been very busy with the COVID efforts, particularly how it’s impacting on their charities. And their focus is now, I’m told, shifting onto this movement — Black Lives Matter is something that really resonates with both of them.”

Meghan and Harry plan to support Black Lives Matter despite the Royal Family’s position. Or the fact BLM is a radically leftwing organization run by trained marxists.

The group’s political ideology does not seem to matter to Harry and Meghan at all, however. As the two have become increasingly “woke” and leftwing since leaving the British royal family earlier this year [3]

“They come in on this from different perspectives, Meghan as a Californian, Harry as an Englishman, both of them keeping abreast of what’s happening, both here in the U.K. and in L.A.,” Nicholl added. “But this is a campaign that matters to them. This is something they want to be more involved with and I’m told we’re going to see them really focusing their energy on this over the next coming weeks.”

Meghan Markle Sees Herself As A “Role Model” For Racial Equality

Nicholl went on to explain that Meghan is particularly passionate about this movement. And, that she sees herself as a “role model” who can speak to the issues of racial equality.

“She believes that there is an expectation on her to address what’s going on and to [show] support,” Nicholl said. “And that is what they’re doing.”