Portsmouth Confederate Statue State Senator felony

Elected Virginia Democrats, including a State Senator, along with prominent members of the NAACP are facing felony charges for their role in toppling a Confederate statue in Portsmouth that fell on a man, severely injuring him. 

Here’s a look back at that fateful night in Portsmouth when protestors beheaded the Confederate soldier statue before lighting it on fire as celebratory music played.

Chris Green Suffers Brain Damage From Confederate Statue Toppling In Portsmouth

On June 10th, protestors gathered in Portsmouth to destroy the statue but things got out of hand. A father of two now has brain damage caused when the heavy statue fell on his head.

More than two months later, Chris Green can still not independently walk or talk. He was so severely injured that he required a tracheostemy.

The tweeted video below shows the Confederate statue falling directly on Green’s head. I’ll warn you – this is hard to watch.

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A GoFundMe page was created to help with Green’s medical bills and other expenses following the incident. 

“He’s is able to feed himself semi solid foods and his able to drink from a cup independently,” the GoFundMe reads. “Chris is showing emotion by smiling and laughing when appropriate. He can understand what is being told to him or asked of him as well.”

This man will likely suffer for a lifetime from the injuries sustained when the mob toppled that Confederate statue. But now, after a two month delay, justice is being served. 

State Senator L Louise Lucas and Portsmouth School Board Member LaKeesha S. “Klu” Atkinson are the two Democrat officials facing charges of conspiracy to commit a felony and injury to a monument in excess of $1,000.

Joining them in these charges are Portsmouth NAACP representatives James Boyd, Louie Gibbs, and LaKesha Hicks.

Terry McAuliffe Defends State Senator Amid Felony Charges 

In addition, State Senator Lucas is currently facing a recall. Police body cameras captured her informing cops that they cannot arrest anyone.

But a top Clinton ally is supporting the Senator’s actions the night that Chris Green’s life was forever altered by the angry mob who toppled the Confederate soldier statue in Portsmouth. 

Former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe is a close comrade to Bill and Hillary Clinton.

He tweeted support for Senator Lucas and the others facing charges and fines for their involvement in the riot that left Green severely injured. McAuliffe labeled these actions which will have lifelong impact on a father of two as “good trouble.”

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