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“Will and Grace” star Debra Messing recently attacked Dr. Birx in a Twitter assault. Messing lambasted the White House’s coronavirus response coordinator. And, Messing even said Birx will be responsible for “unnecessary deaths and economic collapse” unless Birx issues a nationwide mask mandate. 

Messing has attempted to become a political guru in recent years. She should probably stick to her day job though – or not. Her latest barrage of political tweets fell flat and exposed the fact that she is not savvy politically or medically. 

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Actress Blames Dr. Birx

The actress believes the economy won’t be able to rebound until all Americans are forced to wear masks by the federal government.

What she doesn’t realize is that coronavirus is not an issue in many areas of the country. A mask mandate for the entire country won’t work as its not needed.

From Breitbart

Debra Messing blasted Dr. Birx in a series of tweets on Sunday, saying that the physician has been “used by the WH [White House] to put out sound bites, out of full contexts, to serve Trump’s narrative that our #Covid_19 situation is better than it is.”

“If you want your great Legacy destroyed, continue on,” Messing warned Birx. “If you want to be a scientist who meaningfully helps our country, say it simply.”

Messing also claimed that the coronavirus is spreading because there is no “national requirement to wear masks.”

“Our economy will Recover ONLY when a national plan for mask wearing, testing, & tracing is achieved. Anything less than that, you are abetting the unnecessary deaths&economic collapse of our country,” Messing told Birx.

Messing Is A Never Trumper

Messing is a rabid Never Trumper, so it’s unlikely Dr. Birx or the White House will care about her opinion.

It is comical to think that Messing believes she has some medical standing over Dr. Birx though. 

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Messing doesn’t even play a doctor on television, but here she is spouting her “medical expertise” at a qualified doctor. This appears to be more about control and the November election to Messing.

I hope Debra Messing doesn’t wait next to her telephone for Dr. Birx’s call. It’s not happening. She’ll be waiting forever. 

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