Cher Trump Republicans Twitter rant

Pop superstar Cher took a break from getting plastic surgery to launch an assault on Republicans. The American singer turned actress explained on Twitter that if she was a politician, she would get revenge on Republicans by swearing. As the election nears, it’s clear that Cher’s unhealthy obsession with Trump and her Twitter rants are escalating.

Cher is not a politician and she already swears at Republicans, as evidenced by her tweet. So this is an unusual approach. But the “Goddess of Pop” doesn’t appear to understand this isn’t how uniting America works.

Her latest unhinged rant certainly won’t sit well with conservative fans as she appears to take aim at them too.

Cher Targets Republicans In Latest Twitter Rant

“Washington is so lucky I’m not in office.I Would be protesting on capital steps, Swearing Like a Sailor,Fuck Those Heartless Republican Gutter (rat),” Cher tweeted. “They Probably Dont,Know Anyone who Has Lost,or Is Losing Their Job,House,apt,No one in trumps Family is Sick Or Losing Anything!!”

Cher has an unhealthy obsession with the Trump family, including his children. This isn’t the first time she has wished ill on them. 

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Liberals like Cher just can’t disagree with people. She has to get down in the mud and get personal. 

Cher’s Unhealthy Obsession With The Trump Family

Cher is upset about the battle between Democrats and Republicans over the extension of federal unemployment benefits. Those who lost their jobs during the coronavirus pandemic were getting $600 a week from the federal coffers. That expired last month.

Democrats want to continue at that price point while Republicans want to reduce it to $200 a week. Some people are making more on unemployment than they were working, especially when coupled with their state’s unemployment benefit. 

Those people who got a raise by being unemployed are certainly not incentivized to search for a new job. Not to mention, the $600 per week price point is burdensome to the federal budget and deficit. 

But none of that matters to Cher. She just wants to give without concern as to how it is funded.

Cher: Donald Trump Kills “Tens of Thousands”

The Moonstruck actress then took aim at President Trump and said that he kills tens of thousands of people.

She fails to understand that this virus originated in China. It is here because the Communist country failed to contain it at the outset and attempted to hide its severity. 

It’s truly a wonder that Cher’s Twitter account is still active. Countless conservatives have been blocked for less.

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“Donald trump kills our loved ones by the Tens of Thousands. And Says “It Is What It Is” You think he would give that Cold hearted answer if Someone He Loved,Struggled To Breathe ,Then Had To Die Alone,” the “Moonstruck” star tweeted.

Now just imagine for a minute if James Woods tweeted the things about Joe Biden that Cher tweets about President Trump. The double standard is real.

If Cher is struggling to deal with reality now, imagine how she will be after November’s election and Donald Trump wins again.