Anthony Smith was hoping to record a big win at UFC Vegas 8 and ensure he remains a top five ranked, light heavyweight. Unfortunately for Smith, however, he was dominated by Aleksandar Rakic, and “Lionheart” knows changes need to happen.

Smith has “big decisions” to make

Rakic started the three round, main event strong by blasting Smith’s lead calf with multiple, kicks. Rakic turned to his wrestling and top game, and for the remainder of the bout, he dominated the action.

At the final horn, there was no doubt the 28-year-old would be announced as the winner.

The loss was Smith’s second straight, as this past May, he was stopped by Glover Teixeira in the fifth round. That fight went better for Smith in the early going, but in the later frames, he was on the wrong end of multiple, punishing shots.

Well, after his latest loss, Smith acknowledged that some decisions need to be made about his career (quotes via MMA Junkie).

“I’ve never been one of the guys that’s out here pining and calling for more weight classes, but in these last couple of fights that’s kind of where my brain goes,” Smith said.

“I’m just too big for 185, and you start getting into these bigger, stronger, taller, longer guys. They’re just so strong. …

I think I got some big decisions to make in my career and figure out where we go from here. It’s super frustrating to lose to a guy you feel you can beat.”

“Well, the first round I kind of stayed in kicking range at the beginning, which was obviously stupid now.

He just beat on my lead leg, and then we got into clinch and grappling exchanges, which I felt OK in, but he was just so strong.

He’s so big,” Smith said. “… He was so tight on top that I couldn’t make any space. I guess just my biggest takeaway is that he’s just so big and so strong.”

And while talking about the possibility of moving down to 185 further, Smith said this.

“I don’t know. (One hundred and eighty-five pounds) is still really tough,” Smith said. “It’s a total lifestyle change, and that’s year-round.

It’s not like one of those things where I can get into camp and change my diet and cut down. It’s a complete lifestyle change.

I guess that’s one of the options. I guess the other option is to take some time off and get bigger. I don’t know. I’ve got some things to decide on.”


So, there’s no question that Rakic appeared to be the bigger and stronger man in the fight. At a couple of points, he basically just tossed Smith to the ground, and the latter was unable to do much from the bottom.

In other words, you can understand why Smith wishes there was say, a 195 pound weight class.

Unfortunately, the chances of that happening anytime soon seem slim to none. There’s been widespread calls for the creation of a 165 pound weight division, and Dana White’s said it won’t happen.

So, if Smith believes its best that he not compete at 185 anymore, then maybe he will need to bulk up?

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