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Would Lita Return To WWE? + Naomi Reacts To Booker T’s Criticism

If it was up to Lita, a return to WWE could happen if everything works out. Also, Naomi reacted to Booker T’s criticism that she needs to earn her spot and not let people be her advocates.

Would Lita Return To WWE?

Before the current crop of female superstars, Trish Stratus and Lita were making waves during their generation. Those two women helped shape what would later become the Women’s Revolution [1].

For the first time in recent memory, there is plenty of talent on NXT, RAW and SmackDown. Although, Lita would be open for some type of return.

While on After The Bell [2], Lita spoke to Corey Graves about her future. Basically, she is down for another run under the right circumstances.

“I’m down,” said Lita. “Like, I can’t say that if I was never in the ring again then something was missing for me. But, I think that it would be a fun opportunity and like, a good short-term goal and something to add to the resume.” 

“But, you guys don’t need me. Like, everybody’s doing awesome there so I can just get by watching how awesome everyone is doing. If the stars aligned I could be down.”

Since retiring full-time, Lita does make a causal appearances. She worked the first Women’s Royal Rumble and also successfully teamed with Stratus at the Evolution [3] pay per view.

Naomi Reacts To Booker T’s Criticism

Jimmy Uso & Naomi Want To Be Fired?

After a recent SmackDown [4] segment, WWE’s Naomi was trending across social media [5]. People were using the hashtag #NaomiDeservesBetter, with lots of fans and wrestlers showing support.

One person who does not fully agree is Booker T, who believes people have to earn their spot. During “The Hall Of Fame with Booker T and Brad Gilmore” podcast, he went into further details.

“I don’t think it serves her any purpose, people advocating for her in that way,” said Booker T. “The way that needs to be put out there is her advocating for herself and performing at a high level.” 

“When you do that, you cannot be denied. No one will ever say you were given anything. If it happened tomorrow, someone blessed Naomi with the World Championship, trust me, it would not feel like she did it on her own.” 

“I never would have wanted the World Title if it was given to me that way. Naomi is perhaps more athletic than every female in that locker room, but psychology and working are two different things.”

Naomi and fellow superstar Sasha Banks would chime-in on Booker T’s opinion. As seen below, both were not impressed with what the WWE Hall of Famer said.

Due to some personal issues, Naomi and The Usos were removed from TV for months. They returned in time for WrestleMania 36 [12], but Naomi has rarely been used.