When The National Anthem Played This Bustling Boardwalk Went Completely Still

When the national anthem suddenly played on a Jersey Shore boardwalk, everyone stopped in their tracks to show respect and turn to the flag.

The national anthem is a part of the fabric of America. While extreme leftists attack it and our culture, the fact is that most of us are proud to be Americans. This is evident in a video that shows how beachgoers reacted when then national anthem rang out on a boardwalk at the Jersey Shore.  

National Anthem On Jersey Shore Boardwalk

Michael Becker David experienced that slice of America earlier this month while on the boardwalk in Wildwood, New Jersey.

When the national anthem began, everyone stopped what they were doing to pay respects. I mean EVERYONE! 

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This is not something you will see in the media because it defies their agenda. Americans love our national anthem. We don’t want it changed and we understood the sacrifices made to build our country by those who came before us. 

Becker posted the video on Facebook along with the following message: 

“Today on the boardwalk at 11am the national anthem came on and guess what… everyone stopped dead in their tracks and looked to the nearest flag, which was everywhere. I realized something. It reminded me that the shit going on in the news, the hatred of America, the protesting and what ever else — that’s so small. Such a small percentage of people getting all this publicity to destroy America. They speak for a tiny group. The SILENT majority of Americans LOVE America. Anyway… Speak up before it’s too late.”

We all need to take notice of this and share it. We are the silent majority. The media and the left are pushing protestors to the front in an attempt to divide us. We love our country and believe it is worth fighting for.

You can watch this inspiring video below. 

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Professional athletes are taking a knee during the Star Spangled Banner as well. However, there are those who are trying to replace the anthem with a different song because they consider it racist. But, we were raised to be respectful and grateful to live in this country. 

More That Unites Us Than Divides Us

Beautiful and so encouraging! Even children stopped. There wasn’t one person who was ignoring or being disrespectful during the national anthem!

Recently, a pending graduate of Portland State University was recording a video singing the national anthem for her online commencement ceremony.

She was suddenly joined by a stranger who also sang. The result was beautiful. Nobody protested. They just celebrated what binds us together. This is the America that we know!

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