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Pro Football legend Bruce Smith had a Hall of Fame level answer on Celebrity Family Feud and the internet can’t stop laughing about it. The NFL Hall of Famer’s answer was so wild it left host Steve Harvey in a state of confusion and he had to pause the “Fast Money” segment. 

NFL Hall Of Famers On Celebrity Family Feud

This special episode of the long-standing television game show featured NFL Hall of Famers against current NFL players. It ended on a memorable note with Bruce Smith’s quick response to survey questions.

Smith was designated as the all-important second contestant in the “Fast Money” round.  

For the first question, Harvey asked the former Buffalo Bills defensive end, “If Captain Hook was moonlighting as a handyman, he might replace his hook with what tool?”

Smith responded by saying a hammer. But, that response had already been taken so Smith had to quickly pull a response out of his pocket, if you will.

“A penis,” he replied when he needed to come up with a second response. 

The hilarious response must not have registered right away with Harvey. He started onto the next question before he suddenly stopped and with a confused look asked, “What the f*ck did he just say!?”

Bruce Smith’s fellow NFL Hall of Fame teammates immediately laughed like junior high school boys. It was if he was caught yelling a naughty word in class. Michael Irvin initially didn’t know what to think before he started laughing. 

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Steve Harvey’s Delayed Response To Bruce Smith

Perhaps the best part of this whole scene was Steve Harvey’s delayed response. It was such a funny moment that “Fast Money” had to pause momentarily while both sets of contestants laughed it out.

Harvey also apologized for his faux pas reply. 

“I swear I’m sorry, that just came out,” the Family Feud host said. “I don’t even know where that came from?”

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As you can guess, Smith didn’t get that specific answer right. But, he made up for it with the remaining questions.

Bruce Smith has a reputation for leading his team to victory and he did it again on Celebrity Family Feud. He also just entertained the entire country in the process!

You can watch Smith’s entire performance in the “Fast Money” segment in the video below. 

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