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Superstar Reviving Old Feud, AEW Splitting Up Big Duo Soon?

Its no shock to see a Superstar reviving an old feud. In this case, there’s an apparent beef between Finn Balor and Lio Rush, and it’s come back to life via Twitter.

Also, could AEW be splitting up a big duo soon?

Superstar Reviving Old Feud?

If we go off of social media, a Superstar could be reviving an old feud. Or, at least, it appears that Lio Rush [1] is trying to do that with Finn Balor.

superstar reviving old feud
Image Credit: Provided via WWE.com

Now, we’ve yet to see confirmation of exactly what this situation is that Rush had hoped Balor [5] would diffuse. However, it didn’t take long for the NXT Superstar to Tweet back to Rush.

Balor’s response:

So, while there were unconfirmed reports of Rush having a beef with Balor, the now-former Superstar wishes Balor had squashed the rumors.

Fan comments seemed to largely be telling Rush to pick up the phone and keep private business…private.

It would seem whatever the rumors were, something still is irking Lio Rush. Perhaps it’s annoying him, or perhaps he’s trying to keep his name out there.

AEW Splitting Up Big Duo Soon?

In what would have to be considered a big surprise, AEW could be splitting up a big duo soon.

That big duo? How about Brian Cage and Taz.

WWE Upset AEW Promo
Image Credit: Provided via Twitter

It was not all that long ago that Tony Khan took to social media to hype a shocking announcement for Fyter Fest. [7]

Of course, that news was that Taz brought the FTW Belt to AEW [8], and crowned Brian Cage the new FTW Champion.

Cage challenged Jon Moxley for the AEW Championship this past Wednesday. Cage lost when Taz tossed in the towel on his behalf.

Now, we are hearing that AEW may split them up already.

According to WrestlingNews [9], that is indeed something being kicked around.

To further fuel rumors, Cage put this Tweet out. It’s likely to further the storyline, but it would still be a curious move.

In addition to that, AEW personality Jim Ross made some interesting comments to the Busted Open show, about Taz and Cage and the FTW Belt.

In that appearance, Ross pointed out a few things, all which could have AEW reconsidering the pairing.

When presented with the belt, Brian Cage didn’t seem to really care. If the wrestler isn’t excited about a title or honor, fans won’t care either.

Several times, literally and figuratively, Taz may have overshadowed Cage. Ross alluded to some camera angles from recent shows, as well as some promos.

Taz is a great personality. Cage appears to have a bright future.

They appear to be a match not destined to last.