Artist Shows Off Tantalizing Pinup of Dragon Ball’s Launch

Artist cutesexyrobutts recently shared a pinup of Dragon Ball's Launch.

Artist cutesexyrobutts recently shared a pinup of Dragon Ball’s Launch.

For those unfamiliar with Launch she first debuted in the Dragon Ball manga chapter titled “Who’s That Girl?” and would debut in the anime in “Look Out for Launch.” Her movie debut happened in “Dragon Ball: Sleeping Princess in Devil’s Castle.”

Launch is one of the more interesting characters in the Dragon Ball universe. She suffers from a disorder where she switches between two very different personalities every time she sneezes.

Not only does her personality change, but it also affects her physical appearance. Her first personality is sweet and cheerful and is pure of heart as she is able to ride the Flying Nimbus with Goku.

As for her physical appearance in this personality state she has blue hair and blue eyes.

However, in her other personality, she is blunt, tough, trigger-happy, serious, and quite often angry. She also resorts to crime.

Her physical appearance in this form sees her with green eyes and blond hair. She also comes equipped with a gun.

Launch also suffers a side effect every time she switches personalities. She doesn’t remember anything from the other personality.

When Goku and Krillin first encounter Launch she is in her aggressive state being pursued by a number of police officers throwing grenades at them and attempting to lose them as she flees up a cliff.

However, the police do eventually track her down and as they are about to bring her into custody, she sneezes and reverts to her pure of heart form. Launch, not remembering what had just transpired screams in terror as the police approach her.

Goku then jumps into action and gives the police officers a good beating saving Launch and then take her to Master Roshi.

As the Dragon Ball story progresses, Launch does eventually begin to master her more aggressive persona as she is seen remembering and mourning over Krillin as well as developing a crush on Tien.

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Artist cutesexyrobutts, who is also providing a pinup for Timothy Lim and Mark Pellegrini’s Black Hops Volume 3 Kickstarter,  would share his pinup of Launch in her more aggressive state with the blonde hair.

Take a look.

Launch is not the only Dragon Ball character that cutesexyrobutts has drawn.

Back in March 2018, the artist shared a pinup of Zangya from Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound.

In September 2019, cutesexyrobutts shared a pinup of Videl, the daughter of Mr. Satan, the wife of Gohan, and the mother of Pan.

Cutesexyrobutts would draw inspiration from Videl’s first appearance where she has her hair longer and in pigtails. Videl’s hairstyle would change throughout the course of the Dragon Ball saga. By the end of Dragon Ball Z it would be shorter with spiky bangs. However, in Dragon Ball Super she would grow it out again and add in some bangs.

In April 2018, cutesexyrobutts also shared a pinup of Android 21 in some skimpy lingerie with thigh high stockings.

Android 21 is the primary antagonist in the DragonBallFighterZ story arc. A character that looks extraordinarily similar to her was also featured in the recent Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot video game as she helps the various Z fighters navigate the training room at Capsule Corporation.

In February 2018, cutesexyrobutts also shared a pinup of Caulifla.

Caulifla is Saiyan from Universe 6. She fought for Team Universe 6 in Zeno’s Tournament of Power.

Cutesexyrebutts would also share a cheeky pinup of Android 18 wearing Krillin’s gi.

Android 18 would originally be an antagonist to the Z Fighters and was specifically created by Dr. Gero to defeat Goku as part of his vendetta against him.

She would eventually befriend the Z Fighters and marry Krillin. The two would have a daughter named Marron.

Finally, back in November 2018, cutesexyrebutts shared a Dragon Ball Xenoverse original character commission.

Take a look.

You can follow cutesexyrobutts on DeviantArt. They also have a Patreon page with various levels backers can choose from.

What do you make of cutesexyrebutt’s Launch pinup? Which Dragon Ball pinup is your favorite?

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