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AEW Dynamite To Be Three Hours? + Big Eric Bischoff Rumor

After a strong year, there is the possibility that AEW Dynamite will be three hours. Also, there is a big rumor going around about Eric Bischoff making a surprise appearance.

AEW Dynamite To Be Three Hours?

Right now, WWE and AEW are the top wrestling promotions in the world producing weekly content. For WWE, they have hours of TV to fill with RAW, SmackDown, NXT and a few other smaller brands.

As for AEW, they have Dynamite and Dark. All the attention goes to Dynamite as Dark only airs on YouTube.

While speaking to ESPN [1], Cody Rhodes was asked about adding another hour to Dynamite. Basically, it is a big decision and something Cody has apparently been thinking about.

He expects to have an answer in about four to six weeks.

“The format of that show might be different,” said Cody. “It might rely on the production we have in place already, it might not. I know we’ve got all kinds of different plans converging on what we want.”

“The goal of what the third hour would be is to showcase a different crop of talent from AEW. It’s very hard when you have this much talent and you only have a single weekly show. It’s hard to keep people in the mix.” 

“As a wrestler, it’s even hard to train for. The only way to train for wrestling is still wrestling. It’s been an adjustment, even without the pandemic, if I had my way and maybe I will, that third hour is a space to see some new men and women, including men and women not on our current roster.”

Reaction To Cody’s Comments

Each week, it seems like the AEW roster grows. Only so many matches can be produced within two hours, so the third would give more TV time to other wrestlers.

The ending of Cody’s comment was quite interesting. He noted that the company would look to bring in more names [2] and not focus on the current roster.

A few years ago, WWE made a drastic change to RAW by adding a third hour. Since then, the viewership typically takes a significant dive [3] for the last sixty minutes. 

While not discussed, AEW Dark could become part of the TNT Network. In conclusion, there are lots of options right now as sports and shows struggle to get new content.

Big Eric Bischoff Rumor

Eric Bischoff changes his mind about working for AEW

On the latest episode of AEW Dynamite, Chris Jericho promised a special guest for this Wednesday’s episode. On the upcoming show, he will have a segment with Orange Cassidy.

The episode was already taped and a Reddit user named SpaceForce1 [4], who has broke some stories in the past, mentioned that the person will be Eric Bischoff [5].

Jericho and Bischoff have history, dating back to WCW and WWE. As for Orange Cassidy, this is likely the first time they met.

We are not sure what took place during the segment. Already confirmed is Jericho vs. Cassidy in a few weeks, which will be a rematch from Fyter Fest.

Bischoff returned to WWE briefly last year. He was given the position of Executive Director of SmackDown, although it did not last.

Therefore, within a matter of months, he was let go [6]

No word if Bischoff’s appearance is a one time deal or leading to something much larger.