Nick Iafelice Alex Military Dog retire reunion video

Sergeant First Class Nicholas C. Iafelice and his military dog Alex worked together serving our country. Five years separated them before it was time for the German Shepard to retire. Time did not erase the bonds of these two as military dog Alex was finally reunited with his handler and became a permanent member of the Iafelice family.

Military Dog Retires

Military dogs deserve to be spoiled in their retirement years. They serve our country honorably and we need to ensure this debt is repaid. They are selfless and seek to protect their handlers and others with whom they serve.

These amazing dogs follow orders and run into dangerous situations without hesitation. When the K-9 becomes past their prime and unable to serve, they need a family to welcome them into their home. 

Fortunately for Alex, he was reunited with Sgt. Iafelice and welcomed as part of an important member of the family.

Five years might have separated these partners, but the two are now joyfully making up for lost time. 

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Sgt. Iafelice Reunites With His Military Dog Alex

With a span of five years, there would naturally be concern that Alex might be wary about seeing Sgt. Iafelice.

But, the pup didn’t hesitate for a second once he recognized his old partner. Being in a home must have been a different experience for him, but Alex was grateful to see his old friend. 

Video of this touching military dog reunion can be watched below. 

So heartwarming!

Now Alex can live without concern of having to switch partners ever again. He is part of the Iafelice family for the rest of his days.

Most importantly, this retired military dog is very loved. 

Alex has since settled into family life. He’s adjusting from retirement and is living the good life with the Iafelices. He is not only a member of the family, but he’s also part of an important pack of dogs.

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Retired Military Dog Alex’s Birthday Party

Alex is such an integral part of the family that he even had an 11th birthday party in December surrounded by his canine buddies.

If you loved Alex’s reunion video with his handler Sgt. Iafelice, you’ll love this clip from his birthday party even more.

Video of that fun and adorable festivity can be seen below. Retirement is a much different life for this pooch than being in the military!

This brave K-9 deserves to be celebrated and he is certainly appreciated by his forever family.

All our veterans deserve to be celebrated, including our military dogs!

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