The Amish community is proof that when you work together a lot can be accomplished in a short amount of time. These hardworking men and woman pull together when one of them needs help. A video of a full-size barn being moved in a matter of minutes is a great reminder of what we can be accomplished with some blood, sweat, and tears. 

Viral Video Shows 300 Amish Men Move A Barn

It took three hundred men to move this huge barn. But they did it quickly.

Imagine asking 300 neighbors to ask you to do such heavy lifting – and for free!

That’s standard practice for the Amish. Everyone pitches in to help out their neighbors. But, the payback is great because when you need help, they have your back too!

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In the viral video, the Amish men gather on the inside of the barn to lift it. The women are there for moral support. They walk alongside the barn as it is being carried to its new destination.

The men all work in unison. Their legs can be seen at the bottom of the barn as they are carrying it. They act as one as they work together to accomplish this massive feat. 

One man is yelling instruction and guidance from outside of the barn and directing the three hundred men. The trust placed in each other is massive. Things could go wrong quickly, but they don’t! They actually make it look easy!

The man giving instructions leads them all to the final destination in quick fashion. It’s really remarkable!

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No Equipment Needed For The Amish To Move This Barn

“The English,” which is how the Amish refer to people outside of their community, would likely require a lot of equipment or heavy machinery to move a barn of this size.

But, these 300 men did it the old school way and were incredibly efficient about it. This is an exemplary example of the importance of teamwork and helping out your neighbors.

You can watch this amazing feat in the video below. 

It’s amazing what can be accomplished when people work together with a common goal and competent leadership.

The Amish are an admirable people and a tremendous example to humanity. They are incredible workers who understand the importance of helping others in their community.

This work ethic is standard in the Amish community. I can think of some people who could learn something from their hard work and unity. 

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