Duck Dynasty Willie Robertson return to TV

It’s been three years since “Duck Dynasty” aired its final episode, but fans everywhere still dearly miss following the lives of the Robertson family. America found joy and laughter amid the everyday antics of Phil, Kay, Willie, Jase, quirky Uncle Si and the rest of the Robertson crew. That’s why it’s come as a welcome surprise to fans that Al, the oldest son of Phil and Kay, just revealed which beloved Robertson family member is most likely to make a return to TV soon. 

Al Reveals Which Robertson May Soon Return To TV

“He’s got a new haircut now that was quite the rage lately,” Al told Fox News of his brother Willie Robertson, whose house he had just left. 

“I jokingly tell Willie,” Al added, “you’ve never met a camera you didn’t like and he laughed and it’s true. So I’m almost sure there’ll be T.V. in the future for some aspects of us.”

The Duck Commander CEO was almost unrecognizable after his haircut in photos posted to Instagram by his wife Korie. She noted that Willie had “shocked us all with a major after-quarantine haircut.”

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Robertson Family’s Podcast: ‘Unashamed With Phil Robertson’

Over the 11 seasons and 130 episodes that it was on television, “Duck Dynasty” became the most-watched unscripted television series of all time.

In the wake of the show coming to an end, Al has stayed busy working on a podcast with his father and brother Jase, which is called “Unashamed with Phil Robertson.”

“It has really resonated with a lot of people because… it’s kinda like a Bible study, Robertson-style, which we’ve done our whole lives,” Al Robertson said of the podcast. “It’s very unchurch-like because it’s like a big Bible study, but we’re telling funny stories.”

He added that the podcast, which has over 100 episodes and millions of downloads, has allowed fans to stay connected with the Robertson family after the end of the show. 

“People who watched the show have kind of been looking for reconnection with the family and so it’s a way for them to do that,” he said.

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Al’s Christian Faith

“We all have a kind of a ministry-bent about us,” continued Al, who was previously the pastor at a West Monroe, Louisiana church. “I was the only one who was a pastor of the church, but all my brothers, dad have always done mission work and stuff like that.”

“We’re just kind of built-in to try to serve people and make connections with people,” he concluded. “So I think that was always there even before ‘Duck Dynasty,’ and the success of it just exposed us to a lot more people.”

Here’s hoping that the Robertson family makes their return to television soon, as we miss them now more than ever!

We have no doubt that any show featuring the Duck Commander CEO Willie Robertson is sure to be a hit.

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