Khabib Nurmagomedov’s Father Improving After Coronavirus Battle

While out of his medically induced coma and coronavirus free, the father of Khabib Nurmagomedov remains in intensive care.

Despite recovering from a battle with coronavirus, the father of unbeaten UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov remains in intensive care.

Abdulmanap Nurmagomeov, who is 57 years old, went to a military hospital in Moscow after suffering what was believed to be a strike due to complications from COVID-19. 

The elder Nurmagomedov was placed in a medically induced coma earlier this year, but is now awake and responding to messages. 

“His condition is still serious, he’s still in intensive care,” Nurmagomedov said on the Russian television network via RT Sport. “The coronavirus itself is behind him, but the virus has had consequences for his kidneys and his heart.

“As for the virus, there’s no need to worry, only about the other consequences.”

While not currently set for a return to the Octagon, Nurmagomedov has remained at the side of his father, who has played a key role in his career. 

“I visit him, he recognizes me, but there’s no communication because he’s connected to [(medical) devices,” Nurmagomedov said. ”Every day they let me in, I spend half an hour, I hold his hand.”

He added that when he asks “do you recognize me?” his father responds with “gestures and lets me know.”

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⠀ About Father: «Now father’s condition is still serious, he is in intensive care. The coronavirus is gone, but the infection has left consequences on the kidneys and on the heart. Now virus gone. I come to hospital, he recognizes me, but there is no communication, because he is under the hospital devices. Every day I visit him for half an hour, hold his hand, talk, he gestures to understand that he recognizes me» ⠀ About Father 2: «I am sure of the doctors [who treat Abdulmanap], they are one of the best in the world, I have no doubt. Thanks so much for everything they do. In this regard, everything is very good, it just takes time, because the consequences are very difficult and the rehabilitation period will be difficult and long» ⠀ About fight against Justin Gaethje: «I prepare, train every day, because I know that my father would like me to be in good shape. My father would definitely not like that because of him I miss training, of which I am sure. Training helps me relieve stress, distract from everything. We’ll go back in the Autumn and defend our title”.

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