Josh Emmett Confirms Trashed Knee, Other Injuries, Following Epic Battle With Shane Burgos

Josh Emmett emerged victorious from a 'Fight of the Year' candidate at UFC Vegas 3. But, unfortunately the featherweight did not walk away from the bout unscathed. In fact, far, far from it.

Josh Emmett very likely grew his fanbase considerably at UFC Vegas 3 last Saturday. But, unfortunately for the featherweight and his new fans, it looks like it could be a while before he fights again.

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Emmett confirms multiple injuries following war with Shane Burgos

The heavy-handed featherweight took on Shane Burgos in the co-headliner of UFC Vegas 3, and the contenders went to war for 15 minutes. Emmett scored a couple of pivotal knockdowns in the fight and was awarded the unanimous decision win.

If you watched the bout, you know that not long in, it appeared as though Emmett hurt his knee. After the bout, the featherweight confirmed something was wrong with it, and since then, he shared out he completely tore his ACL and partially tore his MCL as well.

In addition, Emmett’s confirmed he sustained a Baker’s cyst rupture, a focal impact fracture of his femur, and a chondral defect of his tibia.

Despite all that, however, Emmett also proclaimed the following:

When I say I’m willing to go through HELL and suffer any amount of pain to get my hand raised, I mean it!!! #UFC #UFCVegas3 #CantStopWontStop

What’s next for Emmett?

So, due to the extent of the injuries he sustained, unfortunately, it’s very we likely won’t see Emmett back in action until next year. Possibly mid-2021, depending on how his recovery goes from knee surgery. 

But, when Emmett does return, he’ll very likely face another, top featherweight. After his win, and before the extent of his injuries were known, Emmett had this to say about his next bout (quotes via MMA Junkie).

“I want to keep the momentum going. I want to fight. Everyone’s always talking about these other hungry fighters.

I’m one of the hungriest fighters in the UFC. I’ve never turned a fight down, I want to fight as consistent as possible. But nobody pushes me. They push and build all these other guys up.

“I can beat anyone in the world, so I hope tonight I can start to get some push.

I hope the UFC can push me, build me up, do something for me, instead of just trying to keep me as a gatekeeper and just fight all these veterans and tough prospects and up-and-comers. It’s just so frustrating to me.”

Hopefully, Emmett has a full and speedy recovery, following one of his biggest and most memorable victories to date.

Currently, the Team Alpha Male fighter is ranked #8 in the 145 division and he carries an impressive record of 16-2.

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