Jim Carrey Graduates From Disturbing Trump Paintings To Concocting Wild Conspiracies About Russia

If you thought "Dumb and Dumber" star Jim Carrey's painting was bad, the liberal actor is now pushing a debunked conspiracy theory about President Trump.

Actor Jim Carrey branched out beyond his disturbing paintings of President Trump to create and circulate a wild conspiracy theory that the President will defect to Russia once election results are in this November. Yes, that’s right. The “Dumb And Dumber” star is promoting the idea that Trump will be the first ever President to defect. And he’s based his totally unsupported theory on the debunked Russia hoax perpetrated by the Left. But, it seems Carrey isn’t interested in the actual facts or evidence.

Jim Carrey Starts Baseless New Trump-Russia Rumor

“Ace Ventura” himself Jim Carrey appears to be saying that the President Trump will make multiple trips to Russia in preparation for a move to Russia. The actor believes former Vice President Joe Biden will win in November, causing Trump to flee the country and into the arms of Vladimir Putin.

The liberal actor believes Trump will defect while he is still President because he will be facing indictments after Joe Biden wins in November. Both of these fantasies of Jim Carrey’s are nothing more than a pipe dream. 

“Be wary of diplomatic missions to Moscow prior to the Nov elections,”Carrey tweeted along with his painting of Putin holding Air Force One. “Given the list of possible indictments he faces, Traitor Trump may be the first American President to defect.”

This is a rather extreme theory that Carrey is pushing. The actor has used his artwork to show violent thoughts in the past. At least this time he wasn’t promoting violence. 

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Jim Carrey Breaks Pledge To Not Paint About Trump

The “Dumb and Dumber” broke his pledge that he would no longer showcase political artwork that highlights his borderline obsession with the Commander-in-Chief. Carrey just couldn’t stay away. That pledge was made at the end of the January and didn’t last long. He just can’t stop. Donald Trump is living rent free in the Canadian native’s brain. 

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Less than two months later, the angry comedian was back to his old ways. Jim Carrey gleefully resumed using painting as a way to publicly display his hatred of Trump.

This time, he was blaming the President for the coronavirus outbreak in New York City, where Governor Andrew Cuomo forced nursing homes to accept COVID-19 patients, turning these facilities into death wards to regular residents. 

After that initial post, Carrey dove right back into his ways. He also compared the President to the grim reaper, blaming him for the higher rates of coronavirus cases. Carrey doesn’t appear to understand that the states with the highest number of deaths from the pandemic were in states run by Democratic governors. 

Jim Carrey better brace himself for November. He very might not like the results of the election. He’s not ready to deal with four more years of Donald Trump occupying the White House. 

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