Jan Blachowicz Doesn’t Believe Jon Jones, Says He’s Still “Waiting For Him”

Jon Jones says he's dropping the UFC's light-heavyweight title and taking a break from fighting. But Jan Blachowicz believes all of this is just a "game" "Bones" is playing.

Jon Jones recently announced that Dominick Reyes and Jan Blachowicz will be fighting for the UFC’s light-heavyweight title next, since, according to “Bones”, he’s vacating the belt. But, since Blachowicz doesn’t believe Jones is actually walking away, the surging contender’s still campaigning for a fight with the champ.

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Blachowicz responds to Jones

After Jones called for a super fight with Francis Ngannou not long ago, his relationship with the UFC and in particular, Dana White, has gone in the dumpster. Jones claims he UFC’s unwilling to pay him anymore for a bout with Ngannou, but White says “Bones” was asking for way too much money.

The two have traded verbal shots as a result, and more recently, Jones claimed he’s vacating the 205 title. “Bones” also said he might return next year for a fight with Israel Adesanya, provided the UFC is willing to compensate him more.

Well, recently Blachowicz spoke with MMA Fighting and he relayed he’s not buying what Jones is selling. 

“I’m just a little bit tired of this situation,” Blachowicz said. “I’m just waiting. He’s not quitting. He’s not going to retire.

I think this is his game to make more money and this is it. But we will see what the UFC will do. I’m just waiting for the UFC moves and that’s it. We will see.

“If he quits, then I hope my next fight will be for the title against Dominick Reyes. This is my next scenario if he quits but I don’t believe that. I’m still waiting for him.

“Everybody wants big money,” Blachowicz said. “I understand that. We do this for money and for fun, also.

It’s a job but everybody who is doing this loves doing this. But you also want to make big money on this business. I understand everything that they do.

“I think he’s just playing games. He wants to make bigger money and I don’t believe he will quit. But if he quits, Dominick Reyes is also a perfect opponent for me.”

Could Blachowicz vs. Reyes be next?

So, it will be interesting to see what happens here. Calmer heads could prevail and maybe we’ll Jones back in the cage, facing either Blachowicz or Reyes next.

But, when you consider Jones is likely in a financial spot where he doesn’t need to fight, there’s reasons to think it could be a while before he’s back in the Octagon. “Bones” never sounded overly keen about fighting Reyes again, and while he called for a bout with Blachowicz, he didn’t seem that buzzed about it either.

Further, Jones seems pretty fired up about White’s claims and his references to “Bones'” legal issues. So, there’s probably some bridge rebuilding that needs to be done here.

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