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Huge Crowd At ‘Blue Rally’ Over Weekend Draws ‘Defund The Police’ Counter Protest

Hundreds of people came out to support police officers at a rally in Salt Lake City, Utah over the weekend. The Blue Rally was held to show the police there are many of us who support them as protests rage across the country. In fact, the ‘Blue Rally’ was such a huge success that a ‘Defund the Police’ protest was organized nearby.

It was a morale booster for officers to see more than 300 people gather at City Hall on Saturday. Former Salt Lake police officer Eric Moutsos organized the rally.

Police Officers Go From Hero To Zero

The media unanimously hailed police officers as heroes after the COVID-19 outbreak.

In fact, the police have been on the front lines during the pandemic since many of us were observing stay-at-home orders from politicians.

They continued working and protecting us. Now, they are conveniently being stereotyped and attacked. There are calls to defund the police but this is something a civil society can’t afford to do.

We must defend our police officers from this nonsense and that’s exactly what happened in Salt Lake City. 

“But they’re just afraid, and we don’t have to divide on this issue. We know that there are certain injustices that happen, and that’s why there’s a process to go through it,” Moutsos told the crowd, adding, “We don’t burn down our cities. We don’t defund the police.”

“Today this is a celebration of the men and women who put their lives on the line every single day,” he continued.

“Police are caught between politicians and the public,” the Blue Rally [6] organizer continued. “I’m telling you the men and women, 99.9% of police officers across the nation, they want to serve and protect all of you, every single person. … There are some outliers. … Today this is a celebration of the men and women who put their lives on the line every single day.”

Black Lives Matter Counter Protesters

However, given the fact that leftwing agitators are targeting police officers, there was a Defund the Police counter protest close by. 

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Black Lives Matter protesters, who showed up about 15 minutes after the Blue Rally started, only numbered a couple dozen. They were dwarfed by the number of people supporting the police. Thankfully, the counter protest was peaceful and without problems. 

Moutsos said the idea of defunding police is a dangerous thought.

“Can you imagine an American society that is forced to gain control of its streets using National Guard units and other members of the armed forces? Is that the objective of rioters—to create division to the point where the overwhelming majority of good cops see no solution but to resign, leaving us in a perpetual state of martial law? Do they not understand that the government will quell violent uprisings using the military, which, in the end, will cost more lives—including black lives?”

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