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Daniel Uhlfelder, the Democrat lawyer who dressed as the Grim Reaper to warn Florida beachgoers about the coronavirus pandemic, didn’t take his own advice when he abandoned the “science” and social distancing to join hundreds of Black Lives Matter protesters. 

Liberal politicians and activists like Uhlfelder have been telling us for months to “follow the science” regarding the virus. But, apparently their own advice and “science” don’t apply with it comes to protests. Even if that means standing among many without masks who aren’t social distancing. 

Their brand of science must believe that this virus only hits us in churches, restaurants, concerts, and the like. According to their science, protesting must provide some sort of immunity to the novel coronavirus. 

Grim Reaper Attempted To Shame And Scare Florida Beachgoers

Just last month, Uhlfelder had a photo op while dressed as the grim reaper to spread an ominous warning on the beaches of Florida following their reopening.

The left wanted to portray Governor DeSantis as a “grandma killer” for allowing people to enjoy the sun and surf. He said the beaches were extremely crowded and “if we don’t take measures to control things, the virus is going to get really, really out of control.”

The media and Hollywood applauded the stunt which is shown in the tweeted video below and was conducted with cameras in tow. 


Coronavirus Lockdowns vs. BLM Protests

Fast forward to just one month later. The lockdowns have crushed parts of the economy, which many believe was the objective. We are still in the midst of the pandemic and many liberals are still pushing for lockdowns.

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But, these same people took a break to protest after George Floyd’s death. And the grim reaper who wanted beachgoers to stay home was there too. But this time he was a participant who joined vs. shamed those gathered. 

As you can see by his tweet below, he wasn’t concerned with the crowd not maintaining the CDC’s social distancing guidelines. Those rules are just for you and me – they’re not for the people who are pushing his preferred political agenda. 

A second tweeted video shows how close people were at another protest. The crowd was much tighter than the people on the beach that Uhlfelder attempted to shame and scare.

But, instead of shaming the people for violating social distancing guidelines, he was applauding them.

Another picture shows the proud yet hypocritical man who put down his scythe for political gain.

Ironically, just the day before Uhlfelder tweeted about his Grim Reaper stunt.

He didn’t appear to recognize or understand the depth of hypocrisy – believing that going to the beach during a pandemic is killing people but protesting at an enormous crowd is not.

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Daniel Uhlfelder either needs to “follow the science” or he needs to admit these scare tactics are a hoax.  

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