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Fed-Up Whoopi Goldberg Sends Brutal Video Message To Looters: ‘You Need To Stop’

The mainstream media has been working overtime in the past few weeks to glorify the protests that are happening in response to the death of George Floyd. Hollywood’s support hasn’t diminished despite more protests turning into violent riots and even devolving into looting. So it was a  welcome surprise when Whoopi Goldberg spoke out to chastise those rioting and looting. “The View” cohost warned that the rioters and looters “need to stop because” they have destroyed “too many people’s dreams.”

Whoopi Goldberg Calls Out Violent Looters

“People are coming out and saying ‘you know what, this is enough,’” Goldberg said in a video posted to her Instagram [1]. “Enough is enough. Parents, moms and dads are walking with their kids, which is another reason why all you looters, you need to stop because you’ve destroyed too many people’s dreams around the country.”

“You have made it impossible for a lot of people to get back to their lives,” the 64 year-old cohost of “The View” added.

“So, I want, please, you know I know I don’t mean s***, but I am just saying all you looters just know your grandmother, your mother’s mother, your brother’s sister, your cousin’s baby, can’t get their medication because you burned down the pharmacy. Or you burned down the bus stop.”

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Whoopi Goldberg Admits Changes Need To Be Made

Whoopi also acknowledged that some changes need to be made, adding that there should be “better background checks on the people who want to become police officers. Because, you know, that’s a big job to hand somebody a gun.”

“So, I would rather know that their state of mind is good and force this idea of having to talk to somebody about it,” Goldberg explained.

“There’s nothing wrong with realizing you’re overwhelmed. I can’t imagine that cops on the frontline right now are not overwhelmed. But they are talking to each other and they are talking to the demonstrators and they are saying the things that people need to hear. You know, like ‘what happened, in Minnesota was unconscionable and we don’t want to be that to you.’”

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Her Conclusion: Violent Looters Are Helping Nothing

However, Whoopi concluded by saying that those who have turned to violence and looting aren’t helping anything. 

“If you burn everything down and tear everything down, we still have to come up with a solution to how to make sure we never have to watch another black man being murdered on television,” Goldberg said. 

We don’t always agree with Whoopi Goldberg, but she really hits the nail on the head here.

The vast majority is in agreement that what happened to George Floyd is wrong, and that people have every right to peacefully protest his tragic death.

However, there is no excuse to loot, spread violence, and burn businesses. And the criminals who are doing that only serve to throw the entire movement off the rails. 

More members of the media need to take a page out of “The View” cohost’s book and condemn the violence that is happening right now, because it needs to end immediately. 

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